Hugo Lloris recorded the World Cup final and classified it as a boxing match

Almost a month has passed since that unforgettable day, in which, Argentina He celebrated again with the conquest of a world title. Considering this situation, Hugo Lloris, former captain of France, once again recalled the definition of the World Cup, adding a surprising comparison.

“These are painful moments and on top of that we had a fight because it was a real fight. It was like a boxing match“said the Tottenham goalkeeper of the English Premier League.

Lloris acknowledges that he was not successful on penalties during his sports career and this is evident in the definition against La Scaloneta in the match played at the imposing Lusail Stadium in Qatar.

“It is something that in my career in which I was not successful, however. Unfortunately, that night, the success was on the side of the Argentines.” pointed out the goalkeeper who until a few days ago announced his retirement to the European team.