Ibarra prepares changes for the match against Instituto

The coach of mouth Juniors, Hugo Ibarrathink about several changes with respect to the team that comes from losing 1 to 0 against Banfieldto face cordoba institute Sunday at La Bombonera, near the 8th. date of Professional Soccer League (LPF).

It is very possible that there will be variations in the initial formation and, as was supposed, also in the tactical drawing to return to the 4-4-2 scheme. before the match against Drillthe technician had confirmed the same once he had come from equalizing 0 to 0 against Defense and Justicewhen he ratified the confidence of the players who were not at a good level.

Now the coach thinks that it is time to incorporate, especially in the middle of the field, some players who, when they enter, change the face of the team. The backing of ibarra to the previous formation could have been buried on Sunday night by one of the lowest returns of its cycle: Mouth showed an alarming lack of play, as happened in the loss against workshops and in a tie with Defense and Justiceespecially in the first half.

The idea would be to go back from the beginning ezekiel fernandezpossibly for william fernandezand include another flyer and there would come one of the two extremes: it can be up to luca langonigood time, oh sebastian villawho is far from his level.