Ideas to promote egalitarian leadership in private sector leadership positions

Diversity and Inclusion issues are gaining more and more relevance year after year in the world in general, and therefore also in the corporate world. Aware of this trend, from the AHK Argentina (Argentine-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) we began to work hard on these issues and added them as a transversal axis of our work.

Given our function as a meeting and exchange platform, in 2021 we created a Diversity Committee, made up of members of our social enterprises, as a kick-off to start conversations on these issues and to be able to stipulate a work agenda.

During 2022 we carried out a Survey on Diversity and Inclusion to our partner companies, with the aim of knowing in what state they are in relation to these issues and characteristics are their main interests to develop. The results were very interesting. More than half of the companies surveyed state that Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives are part of a strategic and measurable plan for their organizations. 64.3% said they have a defined D&I policy and the same percentage said they had implemented specific measures to develop a more inclusive work environment that promotes diversity. The majority affirmed that diversity management in their companies has evolved in the last five years. Among the concrete actions implemented, the most recurrent were:

◆ Implementation of new Hiring Policies.

◆ Incorporation of people with disabilities and transgender people.

◆ Initiatives to achieve equality between women and men in leadership positions.

◆ Development of an inclusive glossary.

◆ Awareness and educational activities and workshops for company personnel.

◆ Creation of a Code of Conduct and Compliance.

◆ Alliances with different organizations.

◆ Co-parental leave.

◆ Development programs for women.

◆ Maternity protection policies.

◆ Celebration of Diversity Day.

◆ Prevention and action protocol in cases of harassment, violence and discrimination.

◆ Surveys and Equity Analysis to measure and reduce the gender gap.

With the information obtained from this survey, our mission is to continue deepening the work on these issues, and that our social enterprises find in our activities a space for exchange, support and accompaniment, which allows them to learn first-hand experiences of good practices, stabilize up-to-date on the latest trends, and can exchange valuable information with each other.

By 2023, our goal is to hold talks related to two of the topics that arouse the most interest in the survey: Gender and Disability. On the other hand, we will continue to organize breakfasts for the women who make up our Board of Directors and Advisory Council, to continue promoting the bond and exchange between them. We will also hold the meetings of our Diversity Committee in person, with leading speakers and experts on these topics so that they can delve into the different areas of interest.

In those that respect our training, two years ago we implemented the Women Going Digital course, to bring women closer to the digital world and bridge the technological gender gap. Through this initiative, women are trained on current and relevant issues in the field of digital transformation through podcasts, videos, and interactive magazines.

We are very enthusiastic to continue working on Diversity and Inclusion issues in 2023 and we hope that more and more companies will join these spaces for exchange and collaboration to grow together!

Team AHK Argentina

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