Independent submerged in an uncertain future

independent He is in a crisis from which he cannot find a way out. The Avellaneda Red received during on Tuesday, April 11, three relentless blows that definitely sentence him to a rather uncertain future.

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One of the most traditional teams in Argentina is facing a very complex moment and the mistakes fit into a squad that today does not rise in the football field.

It all starts with the financial crisis that it maintains. And it is that the institution to date He owes a figure close to 23 million dollars for some contracts with former soccer players and staff that are no longer part of the club.

During the beginning of this 2023, Leandro Stillitano took over as coach with the formation of a squad with many faces due to the strong activity that Independiente had in the last Argentine soccer transfer market. The preseason yielded some interesting results and their fans were excited about a sports solution that did not appear on the radar because they only won one game in the Professional League.

The inevitable finally happened. The fans who frequently go to the facilities of the Libertadores de América stadium whistled at their players and also demanded an immediate change due to the weak soccer moment.

This panorama was also accompanied by some intimidating posters displayed on the streets of Avellaneda and at the sports venue, which immediately demanded answers. Some pointing to the so-called Champagne group and others directly to the current managers.

But this Tuesday, April 11, the news was not favorable at all. Those violent messages returned at the stadium gates and were also accompanied by the resignation of Fabián Doman, who by means of a statement provided his departure after a few months of management after being chosen by the partners in the last elections.

When the only hope related to the choice of a new coach, from Uruguayan soil some versions were known that support the rejection of Pablo Repetto’s proposal, who had everything in advance to become the new driver of the team after the confrontation that he will have against Racing Club.


Now, the fans of Independiente go out to demonstrate in the streets of Avellaneda and they do it to demand some answer. On the sporting front, Red is very close to returning to the second division due to the harvests accumulated in the current season. The football results are not with him and the institutional crisis seems to sink one of the most important teams in the country. Will your outlook change soon?