Independent: without president or technical director

The journalist Román Iucht reported what happened with the departure of Fabian Doman of the presidency of independent and, for this reason, the refusal of repeat pablo to take over as the new technical director, it is Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

independent It seems a continuation of the crisis within the PRO for the City of Buenos Aires. There is, if you will, some political side at the national level that has a point of contact with what is happening with the Red.

To say that politics, as we understand it, in a traditional way, and the politics of football, have nothing to do with it, is to want to make a kind of almost apology for ingenuity.

Exactly 187 days the government of Fabian Doman as president of independentand the reality is that there are not too many cases of club presidents who exhaust so quickly the credit that the members had given them at the time of the vote.

Rise and fall of Fabián Doman, a resignation that deepened the crisis of Independiente

Just six months ago, a record of more than 16 thousand members They have demonstrated en masse at the polls, but here it is necessary to mention that it is what the partners eagerly sought, even when the elections were postponed at the time, it was a very specific objective that they thought from the birth of a presidency and it already invites us to suspect what could be the political fortress of whoever arrives.

The partners of independent they had voted to kick out Hugo Moyano and notwithstanding for Doman to be the president, but rather the great objective of the fan was to remove the government that had had two processes: the first good and the second calamitous and leaving a series of debts not only economic, but also sports that Doman and those who came to power with him in the Red either found it complex to resolve the situation or due to gross gross diagnostic errors or in some cases even due to a certain underestimation of the situation believing that it was going to be a little easier for them.

A tremendous economic crisis, since Independiente owes more than 20 million dollars and this somewhere and a couple of months ago seemed cute and actually pathetic when a Chinese supermarket appeared among the debtors, to which the club owed to maintain the current expenses of the pension and some other minimums. then keeps player inhibitions that at some point you saw the Red shirt.

There are former players who were not paid according to the corresponding terms of their contract and have sued the club. The most iconic case is that of gonzalo veron, who barely played twenty games, who presented his request to get what was owed to him. At the time, Independiente did not respond to that document letter that Verón presented, elementary rule of law What is it if you do not answer something that comes to you with a claim, the one who is silent grants.

Fabián Doman spoke after his resignation: “I don’t even know how I got to six months at Independiente”

From there, what Verón could be important, an important debt became an impossible debt. The player demands payment of eight million dollars from Independiente.

For his part, Cecilio Dominguez He also claims a multi-million dollar figure. All this was related to the financial economy. In sports it was announced with you and dishes that a highly renowned and experienced coach would be hired. They started for him tata martinothey continued with ricardo gareca and they ended up hiring Leandro Stilitano who was the collaborator of gustavo quinterosother of the technicians who went looking for.

Stilitano lives in avellanedaHe is a fan of Independiente and his experience as a coach was nil. An experiment was made believing that the phenomenon lionel scaloni It could be replicated in the Red and the results remained in sight, it could barely be held because that’s the word. He directed only eight parties.

A date before he left office, Doman “said that Stilitano’s fate is in his hands, we all found out.”

Milito destroyed Holan due to the crisis in Independiente: “He did what he wanted, he made horrible decisions”

All this led first to the departure of Stilitano and now to the departure of the former president. Nestor Grindetti is the one who will formally assume the position, although in the next ninety days (although within this number of days), the Business meeting should meet and define the steps for the future: if there is a new election, if they decide that any of the leaders of the commission that remained become the new strong man of Independiente and in the middle of a very delicate sporting situation with a team that plays tonight in front of center rosary.

It should be noted that it was during the campus trip that it was announced that he was resigning as president.

As a side effect, repeat pablowho was going to be the technician and was going to take over in the next few days ended up getting off the project and looking to the future, which is pure uncertainty.


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