Infantino was re-elected FIFA president without opposition: “An honor and privilege”

gianni infantino was re-elected as president of the fifa during the organization’s 73rd congress in Kigali on Thursday, at which he promised record revenues of $11 billion over the next four years, while calling for more soccer to be played around the world.

It is an incredible honor and privilege and a great responsibility.“, declared infantino. “I promise to continue serving FIFA and football around the world.” “To those who love me, and I know there are many, and to those who hate me… I love you all,” he said.

The promise of increased revenue

infantino got the income from the fifa reached record levels in the last cycle of 2019-22, but promised to raise them again substantially thanks to the expansion of the men’s and women’s World Cup tournaments and the introduction of a Cup Club World Cup of 32 teams.

“Revenues increased to a record $7.5 billion (until 2022) in a period affected by COVID-19. When I arrived, FIFA’s reserves were around $1 billion, today they are almost $4,000 million,” Infantino said.

Meanwhile, he said: “We promise new record revenue for the next cycle of $11 billion, and the new Club World Cup is not included in that figure, so it could go up by a couple of billion miles (more).” .

The salary cap, an issue to improve

infantino sure that the fifa he will continue to review the transfer system to “improve transparency” and suggested that the organization could discuss a salary cap.

“It may be necessary to introduce a cap, we have to think about how we can do it. We will discuss it with all the interested parties and see what we can do,” he said.

A new period against FIFA

infantino He was elected for the first time in an Extraordinary Congress in 2016 after the resignation of his predecessor Joseph Blatter and he retained his position without opposition, three years later, but this counts as his second term and, therefore, he will be eligible for a third and last term in four years.