Inflation in January will be 5.6% according to analysts who consult the Central Bank

Inflation for January would be at 5.6% and would accumulate 97.6% for the entire year, according to the Survey of Market Expectations (REM) published by the Central Bank.

The consultants that best predicted this variable In the short term, they also expect inflation of 5.6% for January, although the year-on-year increase would stand at 95.2% for 2023 (5.9 pp less than the December survey).

The analysts consulted by the monetary authority reviewed the inflation forecasts for the following periods, placing it at 79.6% by 2024 (4.6 points higher than the previous one) and 50.3% (-0.8 points) by 2025.

The blue dollar ends the week low, but close to $380

respect respect IPC core the first month of 2023, analysts projected a monthly variation of 5.4% (0.1 points below the forecast of the previous survey), equal to those who best predicted this variable in the short term (TOP-10).

However, REM participants revised their core inflation forecasts upwards for 2023, placing it at 95.5% (0.8 points more than the previous REM), and for 2024, at 78.2% (0.8 percent). above the December survey).

On the other hand, for the annual period 2025 analysts projected core inflation of 49% (0.7 points lower than the previous REM).

growth forecast

The consultancies that participate in the REM expect a growth of the real Gross Domestic Product for 2023 of 0.5%.

For their part, the analysts who best estimated economic growth in the past also support, on average, growth of 0.8% (the same as the previous REM).

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