Instagram launched “silent mode” to encourage digital detox

The famous platform instagram mostly used by teenagers and young adults “Silent mode” with the main objective of promoting the digital detox in the daily life of Humans as a result of the misuse of cellphones.

The new function of red social networks is not yet available to users in Argentina, although the company Goal led by Mark Zuckerberg aims to raise global awareness about the depends on screens to combat the harmful effects it generates on health through the new update recently presented on the market.

screen dependency

World WiFi Free Day: why is it commemorated?

“In recent years, consultations for stress and anxiety have multiplied. Patients do not talk about digital intoxication, but they do feel overwhelmed or saturated by technology. In some cases they themselves denote an addiction to it”, analyzed the director of the La Posada del Qenti Medical Center for Well-being, Christian Leiva.

Where does Instagram silent mode work?

Its implementation is currently limited to a few countries located in Europe, North America and Oceania, among which are: the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Australia and of course the United States.

overexposure to screens
Abusive use of new technologies.

instant addiction

Once activated, you will not receive notifications, your profile status will change to “Silent mode” and an automated response will be generated to each private chat that the contacts will send you.

The brand new tool presented by the American parent company is similar to “Take a Break”, an instrument that was created in 2021 with the aim of combating addiction to new technologies.


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