​Institute vs. Mouth: a story that started in 1931 and that was resumed after 17 years

After a long absence, the duel between Instituto and Boca returns to the scene in Argentine soccer. The last time ‘la Gloria’ and ‘el Xeneize’ went face to face was on February 12, 2006, at the Kempes Stadium, and they tied 1-1. The match corresponded to the 4th date of the Clausura Tournament, which three months later would consecrate the cast of La Ribera champion and condemn Albirrojo to a long ostracism of 16 years in the second category of the AFA.

Hugo Ibarra, current DT from Boca, and Daniel ‘Miliki’ Jiménez, reserve coach of the Alta Córdoba club, were two of the stars of the most recent start of a series that totals 42 episodes, including friendlies and officials. The review of the history (20 wins for Boca, 14 draws and eight wins for Instituto) is full of names, anecdotes and curiosities.

The first time. Boca had five games left to establish himself as the last champion of the amateur era, when he arrived in Córdoba to face the Institute. It was on March 1, 1931, on the Belgrano stadium, and the match favored the visit 3-2, which had three members of the Argentine team runner-up in the World Cup in Uruguay in its ranks: Ramón Mutis, Pedro ‘Arico’ Suarez and Roberto Cherro. Three months later, on May 31, the auriazul played his first professional match against Chacarita.

In brackets. The reunion was made to wait. The second duel took place in Alta Córdoba on November 26, 1958 and ended 2-2. Boca was directed by José Manuel ‘el Charro’ Moreno, a former member of the famous River team known as ‘la Máquina’. Then there were another seven games at the Perón Stadium between 1959 and 1971, and one at La Bombonera in 1976. The balance of the friendlies: seven Boquense victories and three draws.

Osvaldo Cesar Ardiles. “El Pitón” participated in a couple of friendlies that the Institute played against Boca Juniors. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

World champions. In the friendly on July 1, 1970 (1-3 in Alta Córdoba), Osvaldo Ardiles played for Instituto and Omar Larrosa for Boca. Eight years later, both would alternate in the position of the right midfielder of the Argentine team that won its first world star.

A marvel. Instituto had never been able to beat Boca and it did so in the first matchup for points, on September 16, 1979. It was on the 3rd date of Nacional, 1-0 with a goal from Miguel ‘Maravilla’ Rodríguez. Boca comes from losing the final of the Copa Libertadores with Olimpia from Paraguay.

The coconut. Alfio Basile is the DT with the most appearances in the duels between Instituto and Boca. He led “la Gloria” six times (in the first official game and in the five subsequent ones) and “Xeneize” in the last two games.

alfio basileBASIL. The coach marked a presence at the ends of the official history. He led the Institute in 1979 and was at the Boca bank in 2006. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

Maradona. Diego’s second official match in Boca was against Instituto: 2-2 at La Bombonera, on March 1, 1981, with two of his goals. That year, the cast of Alta Córdoba played three more times against Boca del ’10’, who scored a ‘hack trick’ in the 4-1 game on November 8 at the Chateau.

Ernest Grillo. The author of the ‘Impossible Goal’ against the English in 1953, faced the Institute twice defending the colors of Boca. In 1962 as a player (1-0) and in 1971 as manager (4-2), both at ‘el Monumental’.

Sweeties. Instituto beat Boca three times as a visitor, in 1981 (1-0), in 1982 (1-0) and in 1986 (2-1). The record in La Ribera is completed with three draws and 10 local wins. ‘La Gloria’ has gone seven games without claiming victory, and four without being able to convert, in the blue and gold redoubt.

Dertycia and MaradonaSCORERS. Oscar Dertycia and Diego Maradona are the respective strikers for the Institute and Boca in the official record between the two teams. /// PHOTO: INSTITUTE PRESS

Borrowed court. On September 25, 1983 they played at Atlanta Stadium. Boca won 4-0, for the 19th date of the Metropolitan

Penalty I On December 5, 1982, Carlos Munutti, an Instituto goalkeeper, saved two penalties from the midfielder from Boca, Miguel Brindisi. ‘La Gloria’ won 1-0, with a recorded goal from Oscar Dertycia.

From both sides. Hugo Curioni, Miguel Saldaño, Carlos Squeo, Ricardo Rentera and Carlos “Pantera” Rodríguez are the players who defended the shirts of both teams in the matches they played against each other.

Hugo CurioniTHE TULA. Forward Hugo Curioni participated in five games. He twice defended the Instituto shirt and played for Boca on three occasions. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

The skinny. César Luis Menotti scored his first goal with the colors of Boca in the friendly against Instituto (1-0) on July 25, 1965. As coach of the Buenos Aires team, he returned to Alta Córdoba on May 2, 1987 (2-2) .

absurdity. In the 1987/88 season, Boca (12th) and Instituto (15th) met in a ‘Classification Tournament’ to define a place in the Octagonal for second place in the Copa Libertadores. The ‘Xeneize’ won both games (4-2 and 3-2) and eliminated ‘la Gloria’ and then played another seven games, without being able to win the meager prize. Platense used after three finals.

Penalty II. On June 12, 1988, the Cordovan referee Juan Carlos Crespi sanctioned the maximum penalty four times. Graciani scored a double for Boca, who won 4-2. On the Instituto side, Márquez scored and Gáspari missed.

Menotti MouthMENOTTI. “El Flaco” became his first goal with the Boca Juniors shirt in a friendly against “la Gloria” in Alta Córdoba. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

Arrow. Alfredo Di Stéfano also set foot on the pitch at the red-and-white stadium. He did it as a Boca coach, in the friendly on March 23, 1969 (1-1).

thrashed. On the 38th date of the Metropolitan, on December 22, 1982, Instituto thrashed a Boca 5-1, who appeared with substitutes and interim DT.

And ‘the Matador’? Mario Kempes, who was a great figure of the Institute in the early ’70s, never defended the white colors against Boca.

Penalty III. On December 14, in Buenos Aires, they tied 1-1 and, according to the tournament regulations, they defined by penalties who would get an extra point. Of the 10 finishing shots, half were raised. Mouth won 3-2.

Diego Maradona Boca IACCDIEGO. Maradona converted ‘La Gloria’ five times in 1981. That year, the ’10’ saw the ‘Xeneize’ jacket four times against the red-and-white cast. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE

scorers. Oscar Dertycia (9) and Diego Maradona (5) are the respective scorers for Instituto and Boca in the history of 32 official matches.

Second impasse. It lasted nine and a half years, between April 15, 1990 (Boca 3-Instituto 0) and October 10, 1999 (Boca 2-Instituto 0).

last duel. Institute (1): Pezzuti; Trullet, Lobos, Frontini and Zunino; González (Facciuto), Añaños and Brandán; Morales; Bergessio (Caprari) and Jimenez. DT: Ariel Cuffaro Russo. Mouth (1): Abbondanzieri; Ibarra, Silvestre, Diaz and Krupoviesa; Ledesma (Vargas), Gago and Bilos; Insua (Cardozo); Palace (Barros Schelotto) and Palermo. DT: Basilio. Goals: ST, 11m Silvestre (BJ) and 23m Jiménez (I). Referee: Juan Pablo Pompeya.

The survivor. Of the 28 footballers who played in the game on February 12, 2006, only Matías Silvestre remains active. The defender is 38 years old and plays for Royal Excel Mouscron, of the Belgian League.

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