Inter and Manchester City say present in the next phase of the Champions League

UEFA Champions League It continued with the dispute of two games that were part of the return games of the round of 16 and that were played on March 14. manchester city he measured himself before him leipzig and Port faced the Inter de Milan in games that generate great emotions.

Manchester City without disheveled thrashed Leipzig

Before the start of this match, the fans of both teams thought that there would be no big surprises in the second leg due to the 1-0 victory of the citizen in the first match.

But they were all wrong, since those led by Josep Guardiola gave Leipzig a true football lesson with a 7-0 win against them. A match that also had the inspiration of Erling Haaland, who scored five goals.

Inter benefited after getting a draw against Porto

In the first game of the series, the only one that made the difference was the Italian team, which modified to obtain a minimum advantage on the scoreboard to face the revenge days later.

To certify the classification, Inter will try to calculate each step it took on the pitch to prevent an error from appearing on the pitch. Indeed this happened, since the Portuguese team could not break the resistance of its rival and ended the second game of the series with a 0-0 equality.