Investments: alternatives to invest the Christmas bonus

There are several options of investment that can help you win to inflation. One of them is to invest in instruments financial what are you offering a positive real interest ratethat is, interest rate that is greater than the inflation rate.

Some examples of these instruments are government bondstime deposits and investment funds fixed income, among other instruments.

Next, they will be analyzed properly are the most attractive options so that the money from the Christmas bonus to be invested obtains good performancetaking into account the different profiles of each saver and investment term.

How to beat inflation in Argentina?

From the IOL Investoronline Research team, he suggests a fixed income portfolio with which it aims to beat estimated inflation for the next twelve months. In recent times, there has been a high inflationary context, which has led to the price rise being established above 108.8% year-on-year, being the highest level in the last 32 years.

What to invest the pesos in a context of high inflation?

Given this complex scenario, having pesos without investing generates losses of great purchasing power. To put it in context, If at the beginning of the year you saved $1,000 without investingat the end of the year you will be able to buy less than half of goods and services with that $1,000.

Investment experts considering that positioning in inflation-adjusting assetsknown as CER instruments, represents the best option to protect value against rising prices.

Alternatives that may be useful

For investors who want to invest thinking in short term spending we suggest the National government bond T2X3 that adjusts its capital by the CER, thus managing to keep up with inflation.

this bonus maturing in August 2023 operates with a considerable volume already has one IRR of CER+0.6%. It should be noted that, if the inflationary trend continues in the coming months, where the inflation data was above the REM projection, this bond offers coverage in this scenario.

If I have a hundred thousand pesos, what can I invest it in?

On the other hand, and for those people who want to invest in the long term, there is the Bono of the national government DICP that adjusts its capital by the CER, thus managing to accompany inflation. This bond maturing in 2033 pays semiannual coupons at an annual rate of 5.83% and pays capital amortization as of June 2024 in equal installments until maturity. To the date, It has an annual return of CER+14.0%.

How to beat the dollar?

For those investors who want have your savings in dollars thinking of using in more than a yearwe think it would be a good idea to aim at Negotiable Obligations in dollars.

given the challenging context facing the Argentine economy, to which is also added the electoral uncertainty, which is expected to generate noise and keep the financial markets in suspense, a large part of the investment community Consider that taking refuge in dollars is usually a good way to cover yourself against this type of event.

So far this year, the US currency it appreciated more than 40.6% against the Argentine pesoTherefore, investing in instruments that also adjust for the variation of the dollar, such as negotiable obligations, that also offer a passive incomeIt is a good way to boost your savings.

In this line, our simple portfolio of ONs rose 46.4% in the same period, beating the rise of the MEP dollar since the beginning of 2023.

What are Negotiable Obligations?

These instruments are bonds issued by private companieswhich, like other fixed-income instruments, pay coupons and can be amortize in installments or at the expiration date depending on your own conditions of each of the negotiable obligations in question.

Therefore, they could be understood as instruments similar to sovereign bondsbut published and backed by the assets and income of top-tier private companies.

What to invest in?

In this sense, for those interested in an alternative of low risk such as fixed income instrumentsit might be a good idea to have exposure to some notes.

Therefore, with the objective that you can dollarize your investments in the simplest way possible, from IOL investoronline they propose a portfolio of Negotiable Obligationsso that you can hedge against a possible rise in the exchange rate.

Trusts at cost, an alternative to uncertainty in investments

The simple portfolio in question is made up of 47% in the YPF Foreign Law BO (YMCHO), 27% in the Cresud Local Law BO (CS38O), and 26% in the IRSA 2028 BO ( IRCFO).

From the expert investment broker considering that the portfolio is ideal forFor someone who wants to dollarize their savings and also wants to have a passive income in dollars, with the possibility of investing from just ARS $20,000. On average, the portfolio has an annual return (IRR) 7.2% and an adjusted maturity of 2.3 years.


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