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On March 20, Argentine soccer had breakfast with a statement that, under the title “Reclaim of the Professional Soccer League to Talleres”, questioned “the presence of a concert stage” in the match that Albiazul and Banfield had played the night before at Kempes Stadium.

That writing appeared a week of twists and turns, due to the coincidence of the farewell tour of the Spanish singer Joaquín Sabina with the eighth date of the AFA First Division championship. The jerks included cross statements between Andrés Fassi, the president of the ‘T’, and Héctor Campana, the head of the Córdoba Sports Agency.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, 15,000 kilometers from Córdoba, a massive street demonstration echoed the statements of various politicians and rulers and demanded the exclusion of the Israel team from the Under 20 World Cup in Indonesia, in a show of support for the Palestinian cause.

At FIFA, he took note and nine days later decided to give the Southeast Asian country its thumbs down, despite the efforts of its president, Joko Widodo, who urged “not to mix sport and politics.”

“The new host country will be announced as soon as possible, although the dates of the tournament (May 20 to June 11) will remain unchanged for now,” the world soccer parent reported. Neither dull nor lazy, Claudio Tapia, the head honcho of the AFA, took advantage of the situation to hang another couple of stars: his own World Cup and a wild car so that the albiceleste team -the most winner in history in the category, with six titles- can lift the postponement of the last South American.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Due to the protests against the participation of the Israel team, FIFA took away the Under 20 World Cup from Indonesia. /// PHOTO CEDOC PROFILE

Cordoba going?

Argentina’s candidacy arrived in Zurich last week and the AFA estimates that its approval will be a mere formality. Although FIFA will have the last word, the Bicentennial of San Juan and the Mother of Cities of Santiago del Estero – in addition to the Monumental de River or the Amalfitani de Vélez – are the stadiums that are on point to officiate as venues.

Beyond the close ties that exist between the Afista leadership and the respective governments of those provinces, both scenarios have the advantage of being able to be exempted from local competition, an essential requirement for international events, where the organization takes “possession” of the facilities. La Plata, Mendoza and Salta also have this competitive advantage over Kempes, where Talleres is the home team by virtue of a loan contract signed with the Cordoba government.

“We still don’t know anything. If it is confirmed that the Under 20 World Cup is held in Argentina and that Córdoba is chosen as the venue, we will talk,” Campana told PROFILE CÓRDOBA, trying not to anticipate another controversy.

In the Córdoba Sports Agency, Fassi’s statements questioning the former basketball player for having authorized Sabina’s recital in the midst of the Professional League Tournament still resonate. “Don’t forget that they treated him as incapable, it was very hard. It’s good that the guy defends the position of his club, but he can’t pretend to take everyone in front of him, ”say those who frequent ‘Pichi’s’ office on a daily basis.

In return, Campana guarantees that Córdoba “is already in the race” to host the 2030 World Cup, to which Argentina is running along with Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. “I don’t think the country has less than five or six stadiums,” he said, alluding to versions that show that River, Santiago del Estero and Mendoza would be the blessed locations.

Fassi in KempesFASSI. Coinciding with the possible designation of Kempes for the FIFA tournament, Fassi started shooting the version about a new Boutique. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE


“We don’t know if it harms us, but we are sure that it affects us,” said the Director of Communication and Institutional Liaison for Talleres, Miguel Cavatorta, about the possible designation of Kempes as the venue for the Under 20 World Cup. “From the Agency and the AFA They have told us about the steps that are being taken, and we know what is circulating in the journalists, but we are not aware of any resolution. In any case, we have no power of objection, ”he pointed out.

On the dates scheduled for the international contest, Talleres has scheduled two home games: against Argentinos Juniors and Arsenal, on the 18th and 20th dates. According to the provisions of FIFA, which “does not authorize any match” in the 14 days prior to the first World Cup commitment of each chosen scenario, the game against River, for the 16th day, would also be included in the window. In any case, the regulations themselves contemplate the opportunity of an “exceptional authorization”.

“If a problem arises, the most sensible thing would be for the Professional League and the AFA to collaborate with the solution,” said Cavatorta regarding the programming of the ‘T’ matches as host. “We don’t have a certain set option,” he added of choosing an alternative scenario. He also does not rule out the possibility of managing a change of jurisdiction.

The LPF regulations state that clubs must request authorization for a move when they cannot play a match in their “main stadium”, in this case Kempes.

The spokesman for Talleres describes the one he maintains with the Córdoba Sports Agency in relation to the stadium as “a relationship of coexistence”. “Both parties understand that it is good for both parties and based on this we formalize an agreement to exchange services and benefits,” he says. “This format has given life to Kempes for 40 years and has allowed it not to end like Minella de Mar del Plata”, he pointed out.

Selection Sub 20ANOTHER CHANCE. The Argentine youth team, which had been left out of the World Cup, will have the chance to revalidate their parchments. /// PHOTO: CEDOC PROFILE


  • -In addition to Argentina, which replaces Indonesia, another 23 teams will play in the 23rd edition of the tournament: Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, the United States, France, Gambia, Guatemala, Honduras, England, Iraq, Fiji Islands , Israel, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Senegal, Tunisia, Uruguay and Uzbekistan.
  • -The AFA team has won this tournament six times, in 1979, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2007. The inaugural edition was held in Tunisia in 1977 and the last tournament was held in Poland in 2019. The current champion is Ukraine .
  • -Argentina organized the tournament in 2001 and the albiceleste team became champion. That time, 10 games were played in Córdoba: the six in Group B (Brazil, Germany, Iraq and Canada) in the initial phase, two in the round of 16 (France 3-Germany 2 and Brazil 4-Australia 0), one in the quarterfinals final (Ghana 2-Brazil 1) and a semifinal (Ghana 2-Egypt 0).

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