Joan Cwaik: “The revolution we are experiencing is much more human than technological”

Never before has the world changed so quickly and with such a huge impact.”. He stated so joan cwaikspecialist in technology and society, at the same time that he stressed that this “is not so much in all those external things, but rather in ourselves as humansas a species”.

Cwaik, a member of the Assembly of the Future of the Profile Groupspoke these words at the event of declaration of interest of his last book in the Buenos Aires Legislature, called “The Human Dilemma: From Homo Sapiens to Homo Tech(Ed. Galerna, 2021).

Various industry representatives attended the event, which was scene of a world summit on the knowledge economy. In his thank you speech, the author delved into the reasons that led him to write a book “more sociological and less technological” than his first book, “7R: The seven technological revolutions that will transform our lives.”

With the Dilemma I wanted to go one step further. I wanted to understand what all of this was causing in human beings,” she explained.

Campus Summit 2022: technology and innovation land in Buenos Aires

After the formal act, he also participated in the central panel cecilia danesilawyer specializing in artificial intelligence and author of “The empire of algorithms” (Ed. Galerna, 2022) and augusto salvattoconsultant in knowledge economy and author of “The Battle of the Future” (Ed. Lea, 2021).

In the event there were several references from the technology and communication industry such as: horace llovet (Nawaiam), Ariel Urcola (UdeSA), franco pellegrini (Free market), fredi vivas (CEO of Rocking Data), kevin kogan (Founder of Mobile First and Slapp), Nicholas Kovalsky (CEO of Kovix) and Thomas Chernoff (CEO of Che3D).

They distinguished the last book of Joan Cwaik in the Buenos Aires Legislature 20221004

The declaration of interest was promoted by the Buenos Aires Legislator dario grandsonthat during the event “Joan promotes a lot about how technology transforms and drives manY The Human Dilemma debates and conceptualizes these issues”.

Nieto promoted three projects that seek incorporate technology block chain to different government processes such as public purchases and contracts, the granting of university degrees and social assistance.

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