Jorge Brito explained how River will collect money for Enzo Fernández

The multi-million dollar transfer of Enzo Fernandez Alabama chelsea English was celebrated in the Núñez neighborhood because River They will receive 25% of the total amount of the pass (appraised at 120 million euros).

Jorge Britopresident of the Millionairehe was in charge of detailing how he will charge River its corresponding percentage: in total for us They are 24,748,000 dollars and it is the official dollar amountno blue”.

One part is paid in cash and the other in five annual installments. It’s not bad since We aspire that the official dollars that we collect in subsequent years will have a smaller gap, stated in an interview in Mainland Radio.

It is worth clarifying that to reach that amount there are the 18 million that we charge for the initial sale as well as the remainder that we have for the player, then a part that goes to AFA and Union members, and another part to Defense“.

The footballer’s actions were also highlighted: “Surely his reality, if he had not been well advised, would be different. If he did not renew he would not have had a great semester, go to the national team and emigrate to Benfica. You have to appreciate what was the beginning of what we were able to achieve”

“This is not new. Benfica was the main reseller of European football, we did not expect so much but we aspired to reach one hundred here there was a chain of successes from all parties“, conclusion.