Jorge Broun’s harsh statement after the incidents in the Rosario classic

This Sunday, April 9, Newell’s and Rosario Central was measured in a new edition of the Rosario classic that was played at the stadium Marcelo Bielsa. Unfortunately in the pre-match, Jorge Broun had to be assisted due to a cut suffered by a projectile that was thrown from the stands.

“As the two teams enter from midfield and our dressing room is below the popular one, we have to go out and walk along the side of the pitch to the Newell’s stalls,” said.

Broun said he felt like a bomb had been dropped on his chest and it exploded, injuring him. In addition, he assured that luckily he did not hit him in the eye and that “he’s a bit dazed” pointed out.

Regarding the development of the meeting, he added: “It was a nice game, we had the clearest ones, we couldn’t score them. They had the ball but they didn’t know what, they didn’t create danger and I hardly had any work on goal. I’m happy because we’re still on a streak of not losing for a few years”, counted