Justice prevents Raúl Pérez Roldán from leaving the country due to allegations of mistreatment

the torment he suffered Guillermo Perez Roldan In his time as a tennis player, he began to take another course after the federal judge of Azul, gabriel di julioimpose a ban on leaving the country and the use of an electronic anklet on his father, Raul Perez Roldan, after the complaints of mistreatment that Guillermo caused.

The tennis player, who accused his father of mistreatment, physical and psychological abuse, as well as irregular management of his fortune during the golden age in the decade between 1980 and 1990 in which the athlete became No. 13 in the ranking atp and was a member of the Argentine team in the Davis cup I knew the resolution of Justice.

In the complaint made by the former athlete along with the release of a documentary last year, Guillermo recounted how his father abused and mistreated him to the point of causing injuries while he was his coach at the tennis school in tandil that he directed

In the complaint sponsored by the lawyer ignacio pascualGuillermo’s sister was also involved, Gabriela Perez Roldan, who was also a tennis player and suffered mistreatment by Pérez Roldán father. To her, the Justice granted her an unfriendly button, since she lives near her house and confessed to being afraid that there will be reprisals after the complaint.

Along with the ban on leaving the country, the Azul judge also issued a general ban on Pérez Roldán Sr.’s assets. In the testimony provided by the tennis player, he accused him of keeping the money he earned in his tennis days as a result of the various international tournaments he played and won.