Kirchnerism, against Aníbal Fernández: “He has the right-wing discourse”

After strong criticism from the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandezagainst max kirchnersince Kirchnerism came out to affirm that the relationship with the national official is “all broken”. “He has the right speech”said the president of the bloc of Buenos Aires senators from the Frente de Todos, Theresa Garcia.

Interviewed in Futurock, the former minister of the Government of Axel Kicillof pointed out against the minister: “Aníbal’s statements nasty son. Máximo Kirchner is the president of the Justicialista Party of the Province of Buenos Aires and Mayra Mendoza is the mayor of Quilmes. looks like a provocation what they said about Máximo, because that It is the discourse of the right”.

Aníbal Fernández said that La Cámpora is a “calamity”, chicaned Máximo Kirchner and retracted

“We cannot be in Narnia with discussions that do not empathize with society,” said the Buenos Aires senator.

Theresa Garcia.

Aníbal Fernández’s criticism of Máximo Kirchner

The inmate exploded again after the leader of La Cámpora targeted Alberto Fernández. “I arrive at 8 in the morning, living in Lomas de Zamora, to work like a dog all day. I don’t know how he can work or what he does, because hours I never knew.”Hannibal said to Chain 3.

“The conductors of the ‘orga’ they say stupid things of those characteristics, which impact the rest of society and of that they know absolutely nothing. It cannot be that things like the one that is happening within the framework of Peronism among those who claim to be the holders of a part of the renewal continue to happen,” the Security Minister continued.

Aníbal Fernández and Máximo Kirchner 20220314
Aníbal Fernández and Máximo Kirchner.

Aníbal Fernández: “I don’t know what hours Máximo works or what he does. I never knew”

And continued: “My complaint regarding the Maximum is with discretionThe actions that they are wanting to carry out are not explained, what they want to bet on. They, the ones who insult the President every day, In this case, they send Larroque to the front, but it is always a grievance. What do you expect, for the President to decide now or for him to run? Where do they speak from? From what pedestal? How many elections have they won?

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