Lago Escondido: a Bariloche judge refused to send the case to Comodoro Py

The substitute federal judge of Bariloche gustavo villanueva I reject the inhibitory that was raised from the courts of Commodore Py so that the cause in which the investigation is investigated passes to Buenos Aires trip to hidden lake made by federal judges, Buenos Aires officials, ex-intelligence agents and directors of the Clarin Groupinformation legal sources.

The magistrate decided “not to make room” for the request of the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court 2 of the Federal Capital after pointing out that, at least for the moment, it is appropriate that the case continue to be processed in Bariloche, where the investigation was promoted, the factual platform and numerous measures of proof were arranged, something that had not happened in the Buenos Aires courts at the time of claiming the cause.

Judge Villanueva clarified in his ruling that It is still unknown if the trip to Río Negro was financed by the defendants or by third parties.whose eventual motivations would not yet be clarified either.

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The magistrate subrogating the Bariloche court remarked that there is closer to the tests that might be necessary for the investigation, given that It is closer to the place where the defendants are staying..

The magistrate remarked that to get rid of the file, the production could be hindered and deepen certain test measures in progress, from which it seeks to clarifyamong other things, if the provider of the alleged undue benefits to public officials was the owner of the Lago Escondido ranch, Joseph Lewis.

The transfer of the case to the federal courts of Comodoro Py, which is now in suspensehad been ordered by the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires through a decision of the chambermaid edward farahwho held that “all public agents mentioned (in the complaint) perform their duties within the scope of this city“, in reference to the Buenos Aires district.

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In his response, the Bariloche judge stated that among those investigated there is a judge of the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation that has jurisdiction over all the federal constituencies of the country.

Villanueva sent his reply to his Buenos Aires counterpart Sebastián Ramos who, if considered appropriate, must send it to the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber so that this court can determine if it is a matter of jurisdiction: in such a case, the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber will intervene.

The inhibition proposal that originated that ruling of the Buenos Aires court of appeals had been presented by the defense of the magistrate of the Economic Criminal Court Pablo Yadarolaone of those investigated in the case.

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The proposal was, first, rejected by judge Sebastián Ramos, and then chambermaid Farah made room for it, after a favorable opinion from the prosecutor before the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber José Luis Agüero Iturbe.

The file has as defendants the Criminal and Correctional judge Julian Ercolini; to the Attorney General of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Juan Bautista Mahiqueyes; to the Minister of Security and Justice of CABA, Marcelo D’Alessandro; to the judge of the Federal Criminal Cassation Chamber, Carlos Alberto Mahiques; the head of the National Economic Criminal Court No. 2, Pablo Yadarola; already Pablo Gabriel Cayssials, head of the National Federal Administrative Litigation Court no. 9.

They are also accused leonardo bergrothformer member of the State Intelligence Service (SIDE); Tomas Reinke, businessman specializing in media and social networks and president of the firm Mediabit; and the directors of the group Clarion Paul Cesar Casey and Jorge Rendo.


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