Larreta hopes to accommodate the garbage but Macri and Bullrich want to break the economic truce

There are two superior battles between the ruling party and the opposition. of magnitude. Apart from others minor skirmishes that entertain society: read Lago Escondido and the lawsuits with a private company and the suspicious wapps of Marcelo D’Alessandro, a collaborator of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta; the disclosure of wiretapping leaks attributed to General Milani of the Patria Institute, pointed out a position from an organization dedicated to these tasks; the desperate Christian quest to evict the Supreme Court as a way of outlawing the rulings against it; the judicial table versus the military table; the painful appointments of Deputy Milman that they do not release Patricia Bullrich from responsibility. Lots of vulgar episodes for a general store the country has become, no contribution to its stability.

They remain, however, two major intrigues for 2023: 1): the kirchnerista legionnaires, if they lose the election, they imagine flooding the streets with riotous people to prevent the reforms that the opposition promises if they reach power. As other revolts have been brewing in neighboring underdeveloped countries and are a model for certain Argentine officials. 2): one strong division in Cambiemos —apart from the fights for the candidacies— among those who suggest denouncing the economic crisis and letting the indices explode before the elections (inflation, exchange rate, etc.) instead of reaching them and, others, who Confident in their own management, they consider themselves capable of planning on the cesspools without having to anticipate a 2001-style crash. Odd fact: this lurking duo does not enter the general analysis compared to the rest of the scandalous media luminaries.

The glassware of the ruling party and the opposition were broken

While, Like Jules Verne, Minister Massa began another of his balloon trips by buying billions of dollars of Argentine debt. To lower the dollar mep, blue or any other category in the window. To that extent, they accompany him, as presumed beneficiaries, banks, funds and some government man. It’s like putting a tank of ricin down Cristina’s throat. Discussions aside about this resolution —which will surely be questioned in the courts due to the disclosure of privileged information—, perhaps the greatest doubts affect the moment to operate the purchase (acquiring at 20 is not the same as at 30) and the debate on the convenience of liquidating reserves when reserves are lacking.

but if Cristina puts up with toads and confesses her good time with Sergio, he also endures pressure from the lady so that Brancaleone tolerates an army of social groups and truckers to control prices and threatens him so that his deputies approve the grotesque in the ad-hoc commission of deputies to attack the Supreme Court. The minister should say: beware that the commission is a formality and the situation in the compound will be different, the winds will change. Perhaps certain investors who saw the stocks rise, now the bonds, improve in the country risk and even think that will be the official candidate —despite Alberto Fernández who is seeking re-election and with whom he maintains a relationship of dubious sympathy—as a peaceful pledge of the vice president’s continuity.

some friends they recommended massa to be saved until 2027that goal this year is almost impossible and he has responded with a message written in capital letters: “NOW”. Therefore, we will have to think about her classmate or some governor addicted to Cristina, like Capitanich or the white-faced violinist of the typical orchestra from the middle of the last century, Zamora from Santiago.

Sergio Massa and Cristina Kirchner.

Until, to Cristina’s delight, Massa began to confront Clarín in a manifest display. Those who reveal this conflict adduce economic reasons between the parties, based on the authorization to operate with 5G in the telephone field, of global interest and noisy competition between China and the United States. According to Economy spokesmen, they are inclined to follow North American technology for political reasons. Dissidence with the journalistic group that is already a subsidiary part of the important telecommunications and linked to companies in Beijing.

Secret negotiations and premium, apparently, a precedent applied in other countries. As in the case of Brazil, a country that in Bolsonaro’s time (not exactly of Chinese affiliation) found an equitable alternative: it did not give any company of those two powers the trunk junction, it reserved it for the State. Difficult problem, Mauricio Macri did not dare to resolve this issue at the time, not even to become pro-Yankee.

Massa seems disconnected from another reality: the intemperance of social groups, straggling campers —Máximo is still absent, some maintain that he disagrees with his mother— who are now promoting a double candidacy for the Rosada: De Pedro and Grabois, the latter nicknamed “Boricito” for trying to become a miniature of the Chilean President, Gabriel Boric, who obtained the Coin thanks to the social upheavals that affected the neighboring country during the democratic government of Sebastián Piñera. Perhaps, the same ones that are predicted from that faction for the Argentine future if the alternative of Cambiemos prevails at the polls and applies a reform plan contrary to his interests. For more than one, that possibility is disturbing.

Mauricio Macri and Sergio Massa wait, but are already thinking about campaign collection

In the same way that many of the leaders of the PRO have started to slide inconvenience of maintaining a truce due to the precarious economic stability. As usual. I already warned Macri in his recent visit to Mar del Plata and, of course, he imagines it patricia bullrich in the same direction after they spoke in Cumelén for three days, housed in the house with the same number of days that the former President dedicated to the former head of Boca Juniors, Daniel Angelicawhen he visited him to accompany him and share a day in front of the lake with the sheikh of Qatar (with regard to the emir, it is worth repairing an error by this chronicler in the last note when he referred to the monarch’s three legal wives; strictly speaking, they are not three, but eight, as a speaker clarified).

larreta rodriguezdespite his inclination to change his toque every so often as part of his campaign —with a gaucho beret, campaign hat or baseball cap—, it seems convinced that it is not necessary to pull the rug out of the economic situationthat he could accommodate garbage if elected to the Casa Rosada. Also at this point, he disputes with the engineer, even this difference begins to be observed among the economists who advise them. A complex question, since in general they are the same ones who parade through both offices, they do not want to antagonize any hierarch.

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