Larreta in Córdoba: “baño popular”, winning message and without photos that contribute noise to the internal changemita

In his agenda displayed this weekend in Cordoba territory, the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta sought, as the central axis of his movement, to rub shoulders with “the popular” in the main tourist and festival destinations in the Mediterranean summer. There was a photo on Friday with “Chaqueño” Palavecino in Colonia Cayora and the hug is expected this Sunday with Carlos “La Mona” Jiménez at the Bum Bum Festival in the capital. He also went through Carlos Paz to make contact with the people in the framework of a much more unstructured dialogue, faithful to the yellow style.

During his stay in Córdoba in summer campaign mode, the candidate for the presidency was seen surrounded by the main leaders of PRO Córdoba, with the exception of the bullrichistas, for obvious reasons within the framework of the harsh national internal struggle.

It was known in advance that the photo was going to be diminished by the absence (justified?) of the pre-candidates for governor. His ally, Luis Juez, is on vacation in Cancun and the radical Rodrigo de Loredo began his vacation in Brazil. Meanwhile, Mario Negri enjoyed his last days of vacation on the Atlantic Coast.

In order not to generate noise within Juntos por el Cambio, and at the request of local references from the opposition alliance, the president preferred to change the photo that he had initially planned for Friday with the mayor of Estación Juárez Celman, Myrian Prunotto, for the embrace of “Chaqueño” Palavecino in Colonia Caroya.

The popular vs the bagel. “It was all profit”, summed up a local Larretista voice when showing himself with the reference of popular song from Salta in Colonia Caroya, in advance of his passage at night in the Doma y el Folklore de Jesús María. From the Cordovan PRO it was also said that the summer photo with the “idol of the masses” was prioritized than “the bagel” of the wayward radicals with the PJ. In this way, it was avoided having to give explanations on all sides of “the national Prunotto-Llaryora-PRO relationship”, it was synthesized.

However, the photo with the llaryorista mayor Gustavo Brandán slipped through. In Peronism they did not take long to circulate it on social networks to spark the local gossip. In the environment of the mayor of Buenos Aires, he pointed out that they saw “three minutes” and talked about “something protocol” with the host community chief.

In advance, a photo of Rodríguez Larreta with the radical Gerardo Morales was not on the agenda either, which did take place -in a promoted manner a few days ago- in Mar del Plata, although in that record they were studied accompanied by Martín Lousteau and Diego Santilli.

The referent of the PRO and the head of the national UCR, both fully involved in their presidential aspiration, coincided in their agendas on Saturday afternoon in Carlos Paz, but each attended their game. At night, they exchanged messages and a “casual message” was given, summarized a yellow source when the printed edition of Perfil Córdoba had already closed. Also, occasionally, the Buenos Aires mayor spoke in the town with Marcos Ferrer, De Loredo’s lieutenant.

Given the reading in a political key, from both internal nuclei of those noted in the race for the candidacy for president it was argued that beyond the iron defense of unity in Together for Change at the country level, it is not time to make conjectures in around “crossed formulas”, but on exhibiting “teamwork” focused on a government plan, facing the electoral scenario.

In the larretism they recognized that there was a chance photo with Morales, but without the intention of generating “internal noise”, since in the next few days the mayor of Buenos Aires will touch Corrientes soil again to maintain contact with Governor Gustavo Valdés, another radical ally, who also appears
-in the plane of speculations- with chances to get on the binomial for the competition.

bet on winner. In Colonia Caroya, Rodríguez Larreta participated on Friday in a meeting with some 30 political figures, including the president of PRO Córdoba, Javier Pretto, and the vice president, Oscar Agost Carreño; the national deputies Soher El Sukaria and Héctor ‘la Coneja’ Baldassi; his local owners, the former national deputy, Gabriel Frizza; and the provincial legislator Darío Capitani; and the mayors Sara Majorel (Marcos Juárez) and Oscar Fasolis (James Craik).

The opposition referent reaffirmed before the top staff of the local yellow leadership, and in other contacts with leaders of Colón and Carlos Paz, his commitment to win the election in the province. In fact, in his public expressions, the president of the PRO reaffirmed that the next governor “will be from Together for Change.” He also spoke of the concern of the people of Cordoba for “insecurity”, when targeting the Peronist power that inhabits the Civic Center.

On this level, although he is in charge of naming all the local figures with the potential to head the JxC ballot, for example Rodrigo de Loredo and Gustavo Santos, and remarking that the choice of the candidate will be resolved by the Cordovan leadership without the national finger, it is Rodríguez Larreta’s nod to Judge is evident, under the logic of the pragmatism of the polls. “He is the one who measures best in JxC Córdoba”, he acknowledges in the Larretista bunker and among the yellows from Córdoba.

In this competitive scheme, the Buenos Aires president already contributed muscle and irons to the leader of the Civic Front through his team of technicians for the assembly of a plan for Córdoba. In his campaign speech, Rodríguez Larreta maintains that a comprehensive plan is needed to combat inflation and insecurity in the country and in the province.

In his productive agenda, the Buenos Aires mayor visited the Terra Camiare winery in Caroya and met with the leadership of the Jesús María Rural Society. In this framework, and in an electoral key, Rodríguez Larreta associated the productive potential of Córdoba with “a national government that will help it achieve it” and highlighted the role of the countryside as “the great productive engine of the country.”

“We have to put an end to the obstacles to production, the confiscatory taxes, the bureaucracy that makes procedures difficult and the abuses of private property,” he emphasized to the local ruralistas and by contrasting the model with Kirchnerism.

Rodríguez Larreta will close his agenda in Córdoba this Sunday as he passes through the capital to participate in the Bum Bum festival with Carlos Jiménez. It is the most awaited photo by the larretismo in his summer itinerary through the popular festivals of Cordoba.

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