Larreta inaugurated Guevara street: Milei thought it was Che and criticized him, but he was a Jesuit priest

The national deputy of La Libertad Avanza, javier mileiHe came out with the point caps against the head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larretafor the opening of the guevara street in the Playón neighborhood of Chacarita. Is that the liberal thought that Che was usedbut his bug went viral after a Buenos Aires official corrected him by telling him that it was a historian and Jesuit priest.

“Is Harry’s strange habit of bullying “liberals” that are inside Together for the Kargo. Look, you have to be dragged or a VERY big suitcase to be able to smoke something like that. What moral authority did he have to criticize liberal “purity” after this?” Milei launched on her Twitter account.

Milei’s tweet.

Milei’s unusual viral mistake

In this social network came the response of the Minister of Public Space and Urban Hygiene of the City of Buenos Aires, clara muzzio: “Guevara street, which crosses Chacarita, it exists in the City by an ordinance of 1904, 24 years before Che was born. It is about Don José Guevara, a historian and Jesuit priest from 1700. Every day you can learn something new Milei“.

larreta milei calle guevara g_20220117
Clara Muzzio’s response to Milei.

After the clarification of the Buenos Aires official, Milei did not refer to the subject again, but she did not delete the tweet either. What she did do was share her colleague’s tweet victoria villarruel.

“And if you explain to us how at the moment of greatest conflict in our Patagonia with intentional fires, takeovers and usurpations, you (yes, you are also in the photo) They put “Mapuches” on a street in the city of Buenos Aires?”, the deputy told Muzzio.

larreta milei calle guevara g_20220117
Victoria Villarruel came out to criticize Muzzio.

Larreta inaugurated Guevara street

The Buenos Aires boss participated in the announcement of the opening of Guevara street in the Playón de Chacarita neighborhood. In addition to Guevara, Avenida Triunvirato and Teodoro García, Céspedes, Palpa, Mercedes Sosa, Mujeres de Fraga and Zabala streets were integrated into the Playón neighborhood.

During the activity he was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Felipe Miguel; the Minister of Human Development and Habitat, María Migliore; the Minister of Public Space and Urban Hygiene, Clara Muzzio; and the Secretary of Public Affairs, Waldo Wolff.

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