Last day of the video game fair at the CCK: the schedule with free admission

The 20th edition of the Video Game Exhibition Argentina (EVA) 2022 in it Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK), an event designed to make this industry visible in Latin America, comes to an end. So this Saturday the 17th its final day takes place, always with free admission.

The EVA, designed for professionals, students and fans of video games who seek to discuss and train on new forms of business in that direction, had on that occasion 5 thousand registered attendees, 75 games exhibited, 800 meetings and 40 international distributors.

The initiative is part of the Argentine Video Game Developers Association (ADVA)whose president was the one who started the exhibition, according to information from Télam.

The EVA began on September 14.

For the closing of the event, several speakers are expected to give talks and present their ideas on the future of the video game industry. In that sense, the day started at 2:30 p.m. with the words of Eduardo Vaisman, about the sound of far away 6; Eliseo Viola will be on the terrace of the National Auditorium, together with Sebastián and Emmanuel Rojas Fedrini.

Until 17:45Other talks will be held led by Lara Lapier, Alexis Biró, Francisco Eduardo Collarte Ossadón, David Fernández Huerta, David Fernández Huerta and many more.

What is it to be a professional video game player?

national industry

Among the 75 exhibited video games, there is “atuel“, that is to say an Argentine documentary title that was developed by the Matajuegos cooperative. This product addresses climate change and is considered one of the games with “best narrative” and “best original concept”.

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More than 5 thousand people are enrolled.

Regarding the organization of the event, the coordinator of Videogames of the Ministry of Culture, Alejandro Iparraguirre, stated: “I am very happy because one of my first objectives is to work with this cultural paradigm that has to do with the fact that in Argentina we make videogames. It’s new? Depends on how you look at it, because We have been making videogames in the country for 22 years. It’s amazing how this industry grows”.


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