Lawyer for Jey Mammon whistleblower: “To protect other children you have to tell the truth”

The doctor. Javier Moraleslawyer of lucas benvenutoreferred to the young man’s decision to make public his complaint against the musician and television host jey sucker, after the Justice prescribed the cause. “His interest in him is that what happened to him don’t happen to anyone else“, he claimed.

“Lucas was the engine for other complaintsin causes that showed that he was not lying and, in my opinion, there are no reasons not to believe this accusation,” said the lawyer in an interview with the signal A24. Among other cases, Moral defended him in cases against the the psychologist Jorge Corsi and the music teacher Marcelo Rocca Clemente.

Corruption of minors: what is known about the cause for which Marcelo Corazza, former Big Brother, was arrested

Benvenuto made public on his social networks that he suffered abuse from “a renowned Telefe driver“, whom he later identified as who was in charge of the Sunday program on that channel.


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