Leaders of the Zárate Rugby club: “It was an accident and the sentence must be from the court, not from society”

In the last few hours, while the trial continues against the eight accused of beating to death Fernando Baez Sosa At the exit of a bowling alley in Villa Gesell, the position of the leaders of the rugby club in which some of the defendants played was known, and their statements generated a strong controversy because they considered that “they are not murderers“, Que “It was an accidentand they repudiated the “social condemnation”.

“It was an accident”

Yes ok marcelo urraclub attorney and attorney acknowledge guilt of those who killed the 18-year-old, understands that it was “a fatality, they did not look for it, He passed. I believe that if you are fighting, you are not thinking of killing people.”

Similar is the definition you gave Bernardo Ditgesfounder of Náutico Arsenal Zárate Rugby, in dialogue with radio with you:”It was an accident. To say that a group went to kill is total nonsense“. And he added that “they did not go out to attack, they are not dogs.”

New day of the trial for Fernando Báez Sosa: due to new evidence they could investigate the dismissed rugbiers

Social and media condemnation

Both also focused more on “media pressure” and “social condemnation.” “I agree that I have to condemn the guilty but Any trial has to be condemned by the judge, the witnesses and not by the media sideDitges said.

“I am very sorry for what happened, mainly for Fernando’s family, I respect that. And it makes me very sad that many people are speaking with lies, saying that they are children of power, when they are very humble families. Too bad this got so publicized“, he added.

For her part, Urra repudiated the social condemnation in dialogue with Chronicle: “It is totally logical. If they could hang them from the Plaza de Zárate they would hang them, but that is not the case, because that is what Justice is for. Nobody goes to a disco, like the brique, thinking that they are going to kill people. So you don’t have to remove the fact from the environment in which it happened. You have to look at the specific fact, and This trial has already started with a society condemning everyone“.

Báez Sosa case: the founder of the club where the rugbiers played said that Fernando’s death “was an accident”

The defendants’ parents are “great people” and “not powerful”

Urra, who knows some relatives of the defendants, assured that “the few people I know are correct and kind,” and denied that “they are powerful people.” “they are common families“, said.

“Why don’t the parents of the rubgiers communicate with the family of Fernando Báez Sosa?”, In response to this query that the journalist Gustavo Grabia made to Ditges, the response was that “if they communicated, they were attacked, if they don’t do the same, they are attacked. I know the parents, they are excellent people“.

The defense of Rugby and the Zárate Club

Trial of Fernando Báez Sosa and the Supreme Court

For Ditges, “there were, are, and will continue to be fights,” but they stressed that the young men accused “did not go out to attack, they are not dogs.” In this context, he was in favor of a conviction: “I agree that they be sentenced.”

But insist with the responsibility of “the patovicas”that “they were also responsible, instead of grabbing them by the neck and taking them out of the place and then filming with a little camera… couldn’t a guy over 2 meters get in?” he wondered ironically.

What role did each defendant play in the murder of Fernando Báez Sosa? The family lawyer theory

And he revealed that there are clubs that do not want to play against Zárate anymore: “I know they are not murderers, they killed a person and they have to pay for what they did. They don’t have to dirty the club anymore, There are clubs that would not want to come and play at this club because they are Zárate“.

Likewise, Urra denied that they were all rugbiers: “The situation is not like that, there are boys who are not rugbiers and did not even set foot in the club“. When the fatal event happened, maximum thomsenone of the defendants, “had already left the club for several months”.

The Argentine Rugby Union (UAR) issued a statement that the club changed to add a containment practice in those who practice it. Even so, the leader pointed out that “rugby is not to blame” of what happened, and asked to “separate it”.

Representative of the Zárate rugby club: “It was common for them to hit one of several”

“You don’t have to analyze the event from a sporting point of view,” but rather as an episode in which “someone lost their life.” “You have to see the reasons why he lost his life, and the intentions,” he said.

In addition, Urra flatly denied that the eight defendants are guilty of Fernando’s death. “There are two fights, and each one will be responsible for his actions. But for me the eight sentences will not be the same“He sentenced and added:” The sentence must be from the court and not from society.

“The judges have to work with the procedural code, the penal code, and looking at the evidence, so that from there they can draw the conclusion and the corresponding penalty,” he concluded.


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