Libertadores: River lost in its debut against The Strongest

since 1970 that River does not win a game in La Paz for Libertadores Cup, although the data can be misleading, since he has only played five games since then. And although he did not play a bad game, he lost 3-1 this Tuesday against The strongest from Bolivia. This was reported by Román Iucht in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Height always exposes difficulties, especially when individual mistakes are made. Enrique Triverio (twice) and Gonzalo Castillo concluded for the Bolivian team. While lucas beltran he scored the penalty discount for those of Núñez.

River He had his chances to score and could have even tied the game, as well as avoiding a possible win at times. In this sense, who expressed himself after the meeting was Martin Demichelis. The Millionaire’s coach said that “we played a match of equals, where we generated goal situations and failed to be forceful.”

“The first two goals were avoidable, they were more due to our mistakes than the rival’s merit,” added Demichelis. And pointing out that “this is peace and everyone knows what it is to play here. I am going to be dissatisfied with the result, not with the delivery of the equipment“.

Martín Demichelis’s self-criticism after River’s defeat: “Mistakes are expensive”

On the other hand, there was a very good victory of Argentine Juniors by 1 to 0 against Valley Independent, with a goal from Javier Cabrera. As always, the gabriel milito It is an author’s team, which represents the style and search of the coach.

Validating the locality, the La Paternal team defeated the last champion of the South American Cup, a model club in Ecuador. But the competition for the Argentines for the Copa Libertadores continues this Wednesday, since Careers will be playing against Ñublense (Chile), while sponsorship will receive an Atlético Nacional (Colombia).


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