López Murphy: “Anyone who says they know how we can get to November is delusional”

The former Minister of Economy, ricardo lopez murphywas surprised by the use of the Security Forces in the attempt to coup in brazil. On the other hand, he analyzed the economic outlook for the coming months. “The situation is so critical that it forces us to define the economic program in the first quarter of the government,” he said in Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Were you surprised by what happened in Brazil?

Democracy suffers from attacks systematically Worldwide. Of various types: from conceptual questions to the mechanism of division of powers, mobilizations or even assaults on the seat of constitutional power.

I repudiate everything that attacks individual freedom, imagine what I repudiate when institutions of institutional power are attacked. The modern system is democracyand although it is not perfect, it is better than the available alternatives, such as the dictatorships that exist.

I hope that Brazil rebuild the confidence of friends and strangers. I find the use of Security Forces in Brazil to defend the institutions of power implausible.

Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich took advantage of the crisis in Brazil to hit Alberto Fernández

Are you suggesting that there was collusion for this to take place?

I don’t know, it’s a kind of checkup: a year ago there was a similar mobilization in Washington and it was just as unfortunate.

How Together for Change prepares for the 2023 elections

Claudio Mardones (CM): Tomorrow there is a meeting of the National Board of Together for Change. Which is the evaluation of the meeting between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Gerardo Morales? Do you support that economic plan that is being developed in that space?

Yes, I will be present tomorrow. Beyond that, it seems reasonable to me that the opposition coalition exchange intellectual efforts to generate programs that are needed in Argentina. The discussion has to be what we want to offer citizens and not who are going to compete in space.

Gustavo González: “The PASO can work as a sort of healing for Argentine politics”

CM: Taking into account the different positions of Together for Change, can you agree on an economic and political platform for elections or do you think you will only agree on these 10 basic points and not go deeper than that?

Nobody knows what the situation will be in December of this year. We have a serious drought, very high inflation, in addition to a huge accumulation of Central Bank debt, which at this point is a pathology because it has no resources. And at the same time, a lack of reserve that is notorious.

Whoever says they know how we can get to November is delusional. I do not perceive great differences in the economic approach of the opposition.

We are all aware of the enormous crisis in the country, which is why a comprehensive program must be made that encompasses the institutional and social problems of Argentina. The situation is so critical that it forces us to define the economic program in the first quarter of the government.


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