Lucio case: Adepa repudiated the “online harassment” against the gender editor of TN

marina abiuso He has just gone through a few days that could well be considered the most difficult of his career. It is that the journalist and genre editor of the signal All News (TN) comes from suffering a series of attacks and aggressions in social networks by users who reproached him for not covering the news of the case Lucio Dupuy.

Against this background, this Friday, February 3, the Association of Journalistic Entities of Argentina (Adepa) and its diversity commission released a statement rejecting and repudiating the “online harassment” it received.

In the second of the four paragraphs of the letter, the entity that brings together the leadership of the country’s main media said that “with aggressive and violent messages, users of Twitter and other platformsThey harassed the journalist for several days with false suspicions about the news coverage of the trial for the murder of the minor Lucio Dupuy perpetrated by his mother and the woman who is his partner”.

The National Academy of Journalism expressed its “absolute rejection” of the “siege” against Marina Abiuso

In turn, they pointed out that “among other consequencesAbiuso closed his Twitter account“.

Adepa’s position on the attacks

In the same document, from the entity they expressed their rejection of this type of violent situations.

The journalist must close her Twitter account.

ADEPA opposes all kinds of violent manifestations, whether physically or through digital harassment. The Rapporteurship for Freedom of Expression of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has drawn attention to how this type of situation generates self-censorship and seriously limits freedom of expression,” the document added.

Journalist Marina Abiuso closed her Twitter account: “They created false news”

In turn, they emphasized the violence received because it was a woman. “On the subject, the regional body emphasized the fact that women journalists are especially affected due to a double vulnerability: by axis the journalistic work and by its gender”, they mentioned.

Another support to Abiuso

Adepa’s support for the journalist is added to one that came out hours before with the signature of the National Academy of Journalism.

The National Academy of Journalism reiterates its absolute rejection of all kinds of escrache against people in public lifebe it physical or through social networks,” said the entity in a statement signed by Silvia Naishtat and Joaquín Morales Solá.

In this way, the Academy expressed its solidarity with the journalist, saying that “it is suffering a permanent, unfair and undeserved siege, on social networks regarding the crime of the child Lucio Dupuy.” “The murder of Lucio It was an abhorrent violation of the human condition.regardless of the gender of those who committed it”.

For the Academy “the situation experienced by many journalists is extremely worrying, both in the Federal Capital and in the interior of the country, because They are victims of constant harassment on social networks. for the information they publish or for their opinions on facts of public interest”.


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