Macri criticized Maduro’s arrival in the country: “We Argentines feel ashamed”

Former President Mauricio Macri affirmed that the “vast majority of Argentines” feel ashamed of the visit to Argentina of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduroto participate in the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), while ensuring that the national government “languishes in its mediocrity.”

Through a statement entitled “Shame and Hope”, Macri not only targeted the Caribbean president, but also the Cuban head of state, Miguel Díaz-Canel. He labeled both as dictators and added: “We Argentines feel ashamed that our country is associated with others where there is persecution, torture, drug terrorism, political prisoners and fraudulent elections that mock democracy.”

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“All Argentines have the obligation to remember that Venezuela suffered the largest exodus in the history of Latin Americabecause that is how it is remembered every day by the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who live in our country, who had to abandon their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and compatriots before,” the former president wrote.

For Macri, “the welcome to these dictators” was not organized by “the Argentines, but by a government that languishes in its mediocrity, one that will soon take the unfortunate honor of having been the worst government in the history of democracy in our country.” .

The former head of state charged against the administration of President Alberto Fernández: “We have an Executive Branch that abused its power during the 2020 and 2021 quarantines and is now trying to alter the functioning of the Republic by attacking the Supreme Court, while shamelessly defends authoritarian governments in international forums”.

Finally, Macri predicted the electoral defeat of the ruling party in this year’s general elections and added that the polls will decide to have a “Government that will respect the law and the institutions of democracy, that will protect freedoms, that will banish mafia aggression as a methodology , which will not put pressure on the opposition, the press or the judges”.


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