Macri pointed to the “economic bomb left by the government” and criticized Massa

The ex-president Mauricio Macri carried out a bullfight through the pampas city of Santa Rosa, where he showed that the Government leaves an “economic bomb”and point to the minister sergio masa. In addition, he supported the PRO candidates who will compete next week in the provincial elections.

“In spite of the economic bomb that is leaving this governmentArgentina has a huge future,” said the former president, in a speech before some 300 people at a local supporter.

Macri returns from the south and travels to Italy while giving signs that he will not play this year

The PRO leader affirmed that Argentina is being governed “by the worst version of Peronism” and remarked: “I come to transmit to the people of the Pampas deep hope, because I feel that the clarity that we are having no use in 2015“.

Macri visited La Pampa.

Macri criticized the “growing imbalances” generated by Sergio Massa

In addition to questioning “the growing Imbalances that Minister Sergio Massa is producing in the economy”, Macri supported the national deputy and candidate for Governor Martín Maquieyra and the candidate for mayor of the capital city Martín “Cato” Ardohain, ahead of the provincial elections on Sunday, February 12.

Mauricio Macri: the strategy of the non-candidate

“La Pampa is a province that has shown seriousness and sensitivity, but it has also been difficult for it to dare to change. I tell the dear people of the Pampas to be encouraged to bet that the profile of La Pampa can be innovation, new activities, that the “Young people find things that challenge them in their province. And the young proposal of Martín for governor and Cato for mayor is exactly that. They are not going to lose what they have and they are going to add a lot of things,” he said.

During his visit to Santa Rosa, the former president walked through the center of the city and talked with neighbors and merchants.

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