Manchester City blinded Julián Álvarez with a contract extension and salary improvement

After what was his dazzling party at the Qatar World Cup 2022, where Julian Alvarez was a key piece in the conquest of the team led by lionel scalonihe manchester cityand rushed to extend the contract and prevent him from migrating to another team of Europe.

have a great world translates into the incessant arrival of new offers from large teams in the old continent and Julián Álvarez would not be the exception. In this way, City, once again showing interest in the player, offered him a contract extension along with a salary increase.

Waiting for the team Manchester make it official, the british daily daily mail report that the Spider Extend your relationship with the club for one more year compared to your first contract, that is, until June 2028 and you will receive a figure close to 100,000 pounds per week.

This would be a great leap in football for the former River, since his current club continues to show him the value they are giving him, along with a much more comfortable financial situation. In his first contract, Julián Álvarez received one of the lowest salaries on the campus.

Prior to this new agreement with the City management, the Spider I was barely above the third goalkeeper and youth as Maximo Perrone which pockets $5,780,000 per year, which translates to $120,000 a week.

With this salary improvement, the world champion striker with the Argentine National Team will be located in the same position as the starting goalkeeper, Edersonhaving a considerable improvement in terms of salaries received by the campus.

Julián Álvarez’s numbers with Manchester City

Although the former River is not an undisputed starter in Pep Guardiola’s team, his statistics using the jersey of the citizen team are more than auspicious.

Julián has 10 goals and three assists in 32 games since his move to Manchester City, where he played 1581 minutes distributed in 14 starting matches and 18 as a substitute.