Manes asked to add Schiaretti and Urtubey to JxC: “With the same as in 2019 we are not going to win”

The national deputy of the UCR, facundo manesHe assured this Wednesday, January 25, that his participation in Together for Change (JxC) is “not under discussion”, but he questioned the direction of the coalition and left the possibility open to Approaching Juan Schiaretti and Juan Manuel Urtubey.

“In 2015 it was a coalition to confront Kirchnerism, eight years later we cannot go with that alone. In the opposition coalition with the same we are not going to winbecause in the 2019 was bad for usI lost the election. It must be renewed,” said Manes and called to capture “the popular sectors” because “the country cannot be transformed with 50 percent poverty without the popular sectors.”

Gerardo Morales vs. Facundo Manes: secrets of a fight for the 2023 candidacy

In this regard, he assured that the “Kirchnerism is exhausted“and left the door open to the possibility of starting electoral negotiations with the governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiarettiand the former president of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubeywhich recently launched its electoral formula.

“All people who want to join the opposition are welcome as long as they are honest, have management and want a modern country, it would be barbaric for them to come to the coalition,” he said.

The differences of Manes with leaders of Together for Change

In statements to radio the Redthe leader of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) once again showed his differences with the various currents that make up the opposition.

“Hay hawks in the opposition coalition who think that it is necessary to go with a tank passing over all those who do not think the same“, he questioned and added that” then there are the moderates who have empty slogans and a lot of official publicity“.

Facundo Manés.

“Then there are us who want radicalism to be modernized, to reach the youth, to expand and not to be second to the PRO, to fight to lead the opposition coalition and to speak to the popular sectors, because the UCR is a popular party“, I point.

“In the last national election, radicalism had leaders who represented almost 50% of all the votes of Together for Change,” he analyzed and distinguished that no need to go to the beach with four photographers“.

Manes does not look favorably on adding Milei

Meanwhile, Manes showed himself far from the possibility of adding Javier Mileireferent of La Libertad Avanza, expressed that “all addresses are welcome, but there are certain limitsand commented: “We are a progressive force, that is, economically liberal and pro-market, but also believing that the State, which today collapsed in Argentina, is necessary for health, security, against drug trafficking and educationYou can win an election and then you can’t govern.”

Too questioned the lack of activity of the National Congressthat between March and December 2022 it only sanctioned 36 laws, the lowest number since the return to democracy in 1983 and far from the 108 norms that, on average, are sanctioned in electoral years.

“The country is politically blocked, it is the biggest problem that Argentina has today, Congress does not work, the Government overwhelms Justice and society is divided, and society is divorced from the leadership,” he said.

A formula with Larreta and the reappearance of Manes: the requests of a sector of radicalism to define the lists

“There is a corporation that benefits from this blockade, but not the people, the crack is good for some and I am determined that our values ​​and actions, which are those of the majority of Argentine society, can transform our country because this is not how it goes anymore”, criticized the neuroscientist and added that “the political corporation exists to protect itself, defend its own survivaland denounced “a status quo that doesn’t want new people looking ahead.”

Lastly, he made a harsh diagnosis of the new generations. “The upper-middle class boys are leaving the country and the boys from the most vulnerable classes are leaving democracy. There are 70% of kids from vulnerable classes who don’t believe in the system.”

However, he predicted “a wonderful decade of prosperity” if “invests in an educational, scientific and technological revolution”, “unlocks the politics of the crack” and “new leadership” is consolidated.

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