Mario Pergolini and another dart against Juan Román Riquelme

The criticisms of mario pergolini for the leadership of Mouthespecially pointing against Juan roman riquelme they have become a novel that has more and more episodes. Added to the questioning about the departure of Hugo Ibarranow the driver is dissatisfied with the possible Jorge Almirón Alabama xeneize.

Taking advantage of another movement of the club, Pergolini took the opportunity to hit the leadership, in this case due to the arrival of the former coach of the Elche to replace mariano herron. As the arrival of Almirón gains more and more strength, through his account of instagram Pergolini had a particular discharge.

Easter order: other than Almirón…“Mario wrote, with a very small letter and a black background. Shortly after, the director deleted this story.

Pergolini’s stick after Ibarra’s departure

Prior to his fleeting discharge for the potential arrival of Almirón, the former vice president of the club did not miss the opportunity to criticize the leadership for doing without the black Ibarra and the way in which the club acted with the now ex DT.

Bye Ibarra. Another crushed idol. thanks for trying“, reads the post along with the start and end dates of his cycle. Ibarra’s departure also joined the other “thread” of posts on Instagram by Pergollini where he regretted the departure of each of the coaches in the era of Riquelme as leader.

Pergollini Mouth

He pointed against the leaders for the case of Mateo Retegui

Same channel of communication and same line of complaints with rhetorical questions regarding the management of matthew retegui by the Football Council in Boca.

Does anyone know why the tournament’s top scorer, national team player and so on, was never considered in Boca, always on loan and, now that it’s rumored to be sold, we didn’t know how to keep 100% of the pass?“, was the message from the driver.

Pergollini Mouth