Mariquita Delvecchio crossed Cynthia García for “torranta” after her insults to Maslatón

Ladybug Delvecchio He went out to the crossroads of the panelist cinthia garcia after the round trip that he starred in on Tuesday, April 11 at night with Carlos Maslaton in the context of a television show. The lawyer dedicated a spicy tweet to her and disqualified her for “disrespectful“and”stunned“As a result of the risqué expressions that the journalist dedicated to the economist, who had bullied her for “chavista” and “bolche”.

The discussion took place on the show Hard to tamewhere Maslatón asked García if he was a Chavista. “I’m a Chavista, I’m a Peronist… but I don’t understand the disqualifying word”Cynthia García responded as the temperature of the debate rose.

The peak of tension took place moments later, when Maslatón commented that attends the funeral of Hugo Chavez and identified a rubber doll in the place of the body of the deceased.

I was in Chávez’s drawer. Do you know what was there? A rubber doll… I saw it, I pounced on Chávez’s drawer. It wasn’t real, it was a rubber doll. It is not an opinion, I saw it,” said Maslatón.

“No, no… you’re going to shit”He answered Cynthia García sharply.

“Disrespectful” and “tortorante”: Mariquita Delvecchio’s tweet


Faced with this, Delvecchio supported his partner on social networks and disqualified the journalist for incorrect pronouncements.

“Cintia García, in C5N (I don’t love you because I don’t find you among so many namesakes), I find you disrespectful, trying to take advantage of your despicable gender,” Delvecchio said on Twitter.

“Today you sent Maslatón to hell… Look if it had been the other way around. Torranta”added the couple from Maslaton, visibly outraged.


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