Martín Liberman defended Rapallini and liquidated Boca after his defeat in the International Super Cup

Racing Club won the International Super Cup after beating mouth Juniors with a 2 to 1 in his favor. On his personal Twitter account, Martin Liberman He was forceful against the Xeneize team and also had time to describe the controversial penalty he awarded to the referee, Fernando Rapallini.

“Seriously Rapallini is the culprit? Boca has no associated game, it does not generate danger. He almost did not kick at goal and his goalkeeper was the figure. But it is the referee’s fault. They go too far as vice pimps! They go too far! Boca plays BAD Mouth has no IDEAS Mouth has no IDENTITY“, wrote the communicator.

The event occurred after the controversial penalty that was awarded to Racing in the final minutes of the match that, without a doubt, had a great impact, and in which the panelist had no filter.

With the result harvested in this match, the outstanding team will be able to win their crown number 39 and prepare for their debut in the championship next Sunday, January 29, against the Belgrano team as a local.