Martín Palermo’s Platense signed… Ronaldo?

Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr signed Cristiano, and Platense did not lag behind. the vicente lopez club announced Ronaldo as a new reinforcement.

Clearly It’s about Ronaldo Iván Martíneza Paraguayan striker in whom Vicente López’s board of directors put all their hopes of scoring.

The guarani attacker contract made with squid until December 31, 2023 and with a purchase option of 50% of his token for an amount that was not reported by the club. Ronaldo is 26 years old, he was born in Eusebio Ayala, a city of 23,000 inhabitants located 72 kilometers east of Asunción.

as it became known his father chose his first name in honor of the Brazilian goalscorer who shone at Real Madrid, Inter and Barcelonaamong others, better known as “Ronaldo, the fat one”to differentiate him from Cristiano, and the second name is for the Chilean attacker Iván Zamorano.

Far from the lights of those Ronaldos, this began in Cerro Porteñothen Deportivo Capiatá, Central Norte de Santiago, before returning to his country, until stopping at the Bolivian The Strongest, among other destinations.

Now he arrived in Argentina hoping to take a positive step in his career and collaborate in the offense of Martín Palermo’s team.