Martyn Clarke, the Malvinense who tested himself in Boca and on the islands was branded a “traitor” has died

The former striker martyn gilson clarkeknown to be from the Falkland Islands and rape play in Boca in the late 90’s, committed suicide at age 42. The death of the former athlete occurred in mid-December last, but it transcended in continental Argentina this Wednesday based on a message from the family sent to a journalist from N/A.

Born in the English city of plymouthbut raised in Argentine portGilson-Clarke era son of an ex-combatant of the English Royal Navy and a the manager of a pub in Malvinas and a British veteran of the 1982 War and had his moment of fame in 1999, when he traveled to Buenos Aires to try on xeneizethat the Bianchi Era had begun a year earlier.

His ability in the extremely amateur Malvinense soccer, in which he stood out from a very young age, had attracted the attention of an Argentine: Stephen Cichello Hubnerthe professor of Linguistics who in 1995 led to Diego Armando Maradona to Oxford University.

On the 10th he contacted Cichello with Mauricio Macriwho gave the go-ahead for the young islander – who worked as a maintenance employee for the British Malvinas Government – to try on: “I don’t know what the thing is about, but if he plays well, let him come, of course there will be someone to see him”the president told Maradona’s friend.

His first training at Casa Amarilla was closely followed by British television channels and his teammates from the archipelago can see how that island lungo excelled in big football. “I see myself similar to (Martín) Palermo. Just a little, nothing more. I’m not as good as him, but I’m strong, I use my body well and I have a good header.”affirmed the island striker in statements to the Argentine press. “Every day I dream of playing in the Bombonera”express.

martin clarke

Those practices were with the inferiors of Xeneize, in charge at that time of Jorge Griffaand three weeks later he suffered a right leg thigh strainthat took him away from the grass for several days and that is where his stay in La Boca ended: “I only ask that they let me recover and play a couple of games to gain rhythm and show who I really am as a player”Gilson-Clarke had raised at the time.

Despite his frustrated time at Xeneize, the young man was able to meet Maradonasee a Boca-Independiente at La Bombonera in the legendary box number 10. by an invitation from Claudio Villafane and even go out to eat with the star: “Maradona invited him to eat pizza. He gave him his mobile phone so that he could talk to his mother, who was in the Islands”, recorded Cichello in journalistic statements. “It was great to meet Maradona and he was very good to me. He encouraged me, he supported me and gave me the courage to face all of this.Clarke commented.

martin clarke

Determined to fulfill his dream of playing soccer in Argentina, the Malvinense He tried out in Defensores de Belgrano and in El Porvenir, but luck was not with him and he decided to return to Puerto Argentino: there it was not well received, since the islanders considered that he had lent himself to an Argentine “propaganda campaign” and some called him a “traitor”. In 2002, The Guardianlaunched a project to tell his story in a film that was going to be called “playing for the enemy“. For different reasons it did not materialize.

Despite the failed passage through Buenos Aires, his football career continued, although without too many lights: played in the Connecticut Wolvesof the United States Second Division, and later wore the jersey of the city ​​of brentwood, a regional club from the English county of Essex. In addition, he was also able to defend the colors of the Selection of the Malvinassince he played three editions (2005, 2009 and 2013) of the Game of the Islands: even was able to score goals against Saarema (Estonia), Åland (Finland) and Frøya (Norway).

martin clarke

A few months before the man from Malvinas made the decision to take his own life, a journalist from N/A contacted him to interview him and to learn his story -told in the first person- about that attempt to play in Argentina and everything that had surrounded that football adventure.

“I would like to talk, but I need time to be able to give you a true and in-depth interview, which is what I need for my own peace of mind”he responded on that occasion. And he added: “You will be lucky because nobody knows the truth about all my experiences with football and in the Falklands (Malvinas) and I feel that I need to tell my point of view”.

Nevertheless, connection problems in the archipelago and work -he had a logistics company and divided his days between Puerto Argentino and England- they truncated the possibility of deep talk.

martin clarke

“Hello, I’m Dustin, Martyn’s brother. We’ve had a very difficult time this past month: Martyn died last month. We grew up together in the Falklands (Islas Malvinas) and I was there when he went to Argentina. We’re all with him. broken heart”was the next message that the NA journalist received through the former striker’s account.

The suicide of the former striker shocked his family and friends, as well as the population of the Falkland Islands: on December 31, before the “Harry Ford Cup” was played in Puerto Argentino, there was a minute of silence in memory of Martyn Gilson-Clarke.

Source: NA.