Massa met in Panama with Biden’s Special Advisor for the Americas and Lula’s Minister of Planning

Within the framework of his second day of activities in Panama, where he participates in the Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the IDB, the economy minister, sergio masamet with the US Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas, christopher doddand with the Minister of Planning, Budget and Management of Brazil, Simone Nassar Tebet.

During his meeting with Dodd, the global financial situation and the complexity involved in the rise in interest rates for the world economy were analyzed. In addition, both officials highlight the importance of working together to address the situation that Latin America is going through on the global stage.

Massa and the Minister of Planning Simone Tebet, at the IDB meeting in Panama. (Photo: Economy Press)

Later, the minister held a meeting with simone tebet, former candidate for president in the last election in Brazil and who was summoned by Lula da Silva to assume the Planning, Budget and Management portfolio of his new administration. There, both ministers agreed on the importance of working on strategic regional integration projects between Argentina and Brazil and analyzed the work agenda on gas pipelines, fertilizers and border crossings to improve logistics.

Finally, both highlight the role of multilateral credit organizations and their importance for the development of Latin America, within the framework of the integration of countries through infrastructure projects.

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