Mauro Boselli’s harsh criticism of an old soccer tradition: “There is no point in ridiculing them”

Over the years, he settled in the world of football that When a youth performs his first pre-season with a professional squad, his new teammates usually welcome him with the famous “baptism”.

This tradition, in general, consists of Weird haircuts, shave ’em, dye ’em, make ’em runamong other issues.

In this sense, and in full preparations prior to the return of the ball in Argentina, Mauro Boselli spoke out against these practices and stated his position on the matter.

He revealed that these types of situations are not to his liking and that they will not take place in La Plata while he is there: “We don’t want to feel bad for a guy who is doing his first preseason and likes to have long hair. He recently chatted with Mariano (Andújar), there is no point in ridiculing them. As long as we are, he is not going to give up“said the attacker Students.