Meet Gunther VI, the richest dog in the world

Gunther VI is a German shepherd who lives in one of the most luxurious mansions in Miami and accumulates a fortune that is around no less than 400 million dollars.

In this regard, it should be clarified that, although animals cannot possess financial assets, if they can inherit them through pet trusts created by their owners.

So, The owner of the trust is the one who has the power to decide how much, how and what the money from that fund is spent on.while a primary caregiver requests such payments and is responsible for your welfare.

The origin of his millionaire fortune goes back to his grandfather, gunther iiia German shepherd also that, after failing its owner, the Countess Karlotta Liebenstein, in the year 1992 and not having offspring to whom to leave his patrimony of 80 million dollarsHe decided to give them entirely to his most faithful friend.

So, over the years, the Gunthers’ wealth grew thanks to the investments of Gunther VI’s dealer, maurizio mianKarlota’s son’s best friend and member of a wealthy Italian family that owns a powerful pharmaceutical company.

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Gunter VI, a king’s life

That allowed Gunther VI, among many other luxuries, buy several houses in Germany, The Bahamas and in Italy, private planes, limousines and a yacht, like, so they also realize the pleasure of sleep in velvet bedsto swim in pools with heated water and eat the most exquisite dishes specially prepared for him by his private chef, one of the 27 employees who work for him.

after breakfast with meat, fresh vegetables, rice and occasionally caviarthis german shepherd spends mornings playingeither with a tennis ball, running across grass to pick up some interesting smells to finally start the daily obedience trainingachieve some great stretches and find a shady corner to take a good nap.

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According to a report prepared by all about cats Gunther VI is followed in the list of most millionaire animals by nala catwhat’s wrong with it 300 million dollars, and by olivia bensonthe singer’s cat Taylor Swiftwho owns the by no means inconsiderable sum of 97 million dollars.