Melaraña spoke about the possibility of Diego Martínez going to Boca: “Nobody communicated”

Mouth continues to analyze candidates to replace Hugo Ibarra. joseph pekerman is the main target, although there is another that also has the approval of Juan roman riquelme: diego martinez.

“No one from Boca communicated with us or with the coach. Afterwards, what is my will or the will of the club and the decision we would make in the event that this happens, we will analyze it when a first step is taken, which has not happened so far.” , began Ezekiel MelaranaPresident of Tiger.

He assured that he fully trusts DT despite the fact that the team is not going through its best moment: “We were always very clear about what our goal was and it continues to be the same now. Honestly, and taking out Boca because nobody has called us and we have an excellent In relation to the people who lead it today, under no point of view does it occur to me to change the coach. Tigre has 9 games in the next 26 days and we want to spend that period with Diego. That’s the only thing that matters to me”.

The president gave his opinion about Juan roman riquelme and reveal what he would say in case he asks for martinez. “I admire him a lot in terms of his defense of his club. It seems to me that he has a way of feeling similar to mine. I would tell him that we want to face this string with Diego as coach because behind it there is a project. Tigre does two and a half years that he bet on Diego’s way of driving and it is not in my plans to leave that path”, he sentenced.

To close, spider web said that the contract martinez does not have any exit clause and gave details of the link between Tiger and the xeneize: “I would be surprised if Boca contacted Martínez directly. It is not the way we have been dealing with them, we do not talk behind the scenes. I am absolutely sure that Diego would not lend himself to a dialogue without us being aware. No I do not have any doubt”.