Mentoring: have technology as an ally

When I publish my book tutorships In June 2020, my country and the world spent several months of quarantine and unthinkable challenges for humanity. A single company with hundreds of employees from one month to the next must start managing its entire operation remotely with collaborators working from home, retired due to the global health risk from COVID. Would we have been able to face it without technology? From one day to the next, even family birthdays were celebrated using video-teleconferencing. Hasn’t the world changed since the appearance of the iPhone in 2007, or the iPad some time later?Is it thanks to technology that large global enterprises such as UBER, Airbnb, Mercado Libre, Glovo, Rappi, Zoom, and thousands more appeared and made our lives easier and more efficient? Is it a coincidence that Amazon and Apple are the first companies in history to exceed a trillion dollar valuation in 2019? And Mercado Libre achieved a valuation of more than 90,000 million dollars due to the development of its e-commerce technology and Fintech such as Mercado Pago?

There are six pillars that enable us to grow: Decide, Sell, Negotiate, know about Finance, develop NetworksY manage technology.

I will combine it with the ability of the constancyWell, don’t think that one learns everything quickly. Sometimes one learns quickly, and sometimes not. We need to be constant and persistent!

Mentoring: The importance of networking

Can you run a business without using Microsoft Excel? Imagine the best data analysts in the world; They are not the best because of the content alone, but because they use MS Excel better than anyone. Why? Well, they are experts in macros, yes, they make programs in minutes in a programming language and they make spreadsheets work magic. With macros I have seen incredible spreadsheets that develop quickly and with macros in Word, although it seems very strange, format amazing reports.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, in companies it is very likely that if someone needs information, they will ask the systems area, and systems cannot resolve the requirement immediately because they have their own schedule of activities. Therefore, even if we have the data, it costs us time, much more than desired, to transform said data into information.

For what invites to be self-employed, small companies, public organizations, or large multinationals We need services in the transformation of data into relevant and valuable information.

A great topic using the word relevant and with value. I tell you, it is clever that senior people do not program reports, they always let junior people prepare the final reports with beautiful graphics that sometimes offer no value. But we need older people involved in reporting.

Mentoring: Decide, to empower and grow

If we use the technology we can do magic with informationWe can also clean duplicate contacts from our agenda, classify our WhatsApp conversations, do countless activities that will save us a lot of time.

Learning technology is perhaps one of the most important challenges for people who have not developed these skills. It is not necessary to study many details, but a little more than we knowespecially knowing about the Office platforms of the main references in the world, Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

Knowing about technology will make us faster. Thus, what others do in days, we will do in hours; what many people stay until midnight and working weekends we can finish it early and go pick up the children at school to do homework with them.

I remember a marketing director of a bank who many years ago wanted to develop a mortgage and pledge loan program with 11 installments per year at the choice of the person who did not pay in the month. This director argued that people need a break a year, to make arrangements at home, pay for a trip, or attend to unforeseen events. I found that it could not be programmed. It would have been a great differential in the market, the owner of the bank told me! Missing Tech Enabler!

Mentoring: what do we do?

Definitely, Knowing and using technology well gives you autonomy, speed, positioning, value to our person and our businesses, inclusion. It is, but I know few use it, so let’s start little by little, every day we advance and incorporate resources of a few millimeters, in a year they will be meters, and over time the ability to handle basics in this area will give us a differential, which highly valued result.

Let’s remember that this enabler is combined with the ability of the constancy.

We all experience situations where we simply have not been constant, we start something and soon abandon it. We find it difficult, we get frustrated by results that don’t come as fast as we’d like, and we just give up.

When we are constant, another invaluable characteristic is created, the famous cruising speed that they usually identify as the locomotive that advances without stopping; therefore it always records: work hard and don’t give up, because when you get there, it’s almost impossible not to finish what you started!

Until next time!

*Leading executive in the local and international media industry.

He has had roles in area management and company management, having been General Manager, among others, of Pramer, Chello Media. ACM Networks, and UCL Television.

LinkedIn: Marisa Pineiro

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