Miguel Ángel Russo and a strange statement: “Messi is protected”

Russo, left a forceful phrase that makes him overturn the scale before the crack born in Villa Fiorito: “Messi is protected”.

“Messi and Maradona cannot be discussed. The difference I find is that Maradona played without fair play and Messi only plays with fair play, which completely changes the game. Maradona was harshly punished. Messi is protected by the rules, which is very good , but it is the big difference that I see”, expanded russian

But he also stated: “It doesn’t mean that one is more than the other, but Maradona suffered more and had to compete in other types of conditions. Messi was lucky that he didn’t“.


The DT of Central also referred to the chance he had to go to the Argentine National Team, something that finally did not end up happening although he was “a point”.

“I was close many times, but no. They are stages, I was very close, one night I went to bed as the coach and in the morning I was gone. These are things that happen in football”, concluded.