Mike Tyson on the ropes: He was sued for an alleged violation

Former world boxing champion Mike Tyson He was sued in the state of New York by a woman who accuses him of raping her in the early 1990s, when he held the heavyweight belt.

The woman, whose identity is withheld, said the incident occurred at a nightclub in Albanyand claims compensation of five million dollars, since he has suffered since then”physical, psychological and emotional harm“.

In addition, in the complaint, the alleged victim recorded that he met Tyson at that club and then got into the ex-pugilist’s car to go looking for a friend.

He immediately started touching me and tried to kiss me. He told him no several times and asked him to stop, but he kept attacking me. Then he took off my pants and violently raped me.” the woman commented.

Despite the time that has elapsed, the lawsuit is valid since it is found in a New York law, which grants a one-year period to seek justice for sexual crimes that have so far been prescribed.

Off-sport problems, a constant in Tyson’s career

Tysonwho is currently 56 years old, was one of the most remembered champions in boxing history, not only because of the power of his blows, but also because of the innumerable extra-sports problems he starred in throughout his life.

In fact, he was imprisoned for another rape complaint in 1992, and was released three years later for good behavior and fought again.

He won the world heavyweight title twice in the 1980s and is the youngest boxer in history to establish himself in that division, when in 1986 he won the World Council (WBC) title by defeating trevor berbickwith only 20 years, 4 months and 22 days.