Milei goes on night tour and recruits candidates 2023

Javier Milei, after a 15-day break, already has a roadmap diagram for the remainder of the month and very clear objectives in his career at the Casa Rosada. The national deputy will tour the Atlantic coast, bets on strengthening his political presence in all Buenos Aires districts and wants La Libertad Avanza to have its ballot with candidates in each province in the next national elections.

The economist had his first contact with the people in Pinamar yesterday, today he is in Cariló and tomorrow he will be in Mar del Plata. The format of each presentation will be similar to the tours that were carried out by districts of the Buenos Aires suburbs during the past year, in a surprising way and without prior notice: walks, in which he will dialogue with neighbors and tourists. From his side, he adds that in La Feliz she will be accompanied by local references, Alejandro Carrancio and Juliana Santillán, and in Pinamar by Alejandro Oliveros.

The province of Buenos Aires will be an axis for the legislator during the first part of the year: today his party shows a presence in 129 of the 135 municipalities, with 76 district coordinators. But, in the coming months, he intends to raise that figure and have organizers in each location. Those close to him remember, as an incentive, that Francisco de Narváez presented applicants in 70 towns in 2009 when he defeated Néstor Kirchner.

And they anticipate that the force will have candidates for national deputies and senators in all provinces. Another detail: in the provincial comics, which are split from the national election, La Libertad Avanza will also have representatives, but “who will guarantee a double-digit percentage.”

From Milei’s environment, when addressing the response on candidacies, they make it clear that the so-called “libertarian lion” said that “he will not define names until June, as established by law, and that he is committed to assembling government teams” .

Said message was reinforced by the national deputy himself, through Twitter, yesterday: “Stop talking about candidacies on our behalf. The candidacies will be resolved on 6/24, as established by national law. We are busy assembling teams and projects to transform Argentina and end inflation. LONG LIVE THE FUCK FREEDOM”, launched the leader.

In this context, each person who comes across the libertarian attests that they rule out any type of alliance with Together for Change.

“There will be no understanding with the UCR, the Civic Coalition and the pigeon sector of said alliance,” add party sources, who will also highlight that the elected national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires in 2021, with 17.30 % of the votes, is very well placed in the polls.

In fact, they mention that several place him entering second place, agreeing to an eventual ballotage, and specify that in his presidential race “all sectors from the center to the right” that are outside the main opposition coalition and the ruling party can be added. .

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