Milei launched her first campaign spot warning about “an Argentina without a future”

The candidate for La Libertad Avanza, javier mileiThis Saturday, March 25, he presented his first campaign spot for the 2023 presidential elections. During a party activity in the Buenos Aires Tigre party, the deputy released the video in which he warned that The country is facing “an Argentina without a future”while reviewing the “Argentine decadence”.

The spot was presented in the middle of an event held in an event hall located in the Luján dam area, where the economist was accompanied by a thousand party leaders and allied forces from all over the country. Hours later, it was uploaded to the social networks of the pre-candidate and the space La Libertad Avanza under the motto of “A different Argentina is impossible with the same as always”.

In Córdoba, a libertarian candidate differs from Milei

Criticizing the “political caste”, the video begins by recording that “there was a time when Argentina was the richest country in the world, a point of attraction, a world power. That is why millions of immigrants arrive at our port looking for opportunities; we were the envy of all“.

However, the spot continues, “100 years ago there was a point of tranquility: the politicians decided that the wealth could not be more than the Argentinesbut it had to be theirs”. And he adds: “They abandoned the model of freedom for a model that concentrates wealth in their hands so that you, me and all of us are their prisoners.”

Added to this, the spot points directly against Kirchnerism. In this sense, at the same time that he speaks of “a breaking point”, he shows images of Cristina Kirchner dancing in an act at the Racing stadium; of Néstor Kirchner trying to open a safe in his house in Santa Cruz; the former Secretary of Public Works José López throwing bags with millions of dollars in a convent in General Rodríguez; of the tragedy of Once, and of people counting money in “La Rosadita”.

“The result was decadence, crisis, inflation, corruption, insecurity, young people leaving the country, an Argentina without a future. We went from one point to another; from being the envy of the world, to being one of the poorest countries. Today we are facing a new turning point: we Argentines are realizing that creating a different Argentina is impossible with the same people as always, so today we have the opportunity to put a full stop to it,” the video closes.

Javier Milei came across a journalist: “Do you want criminals to kill Argentines like rats?”

In the middle of the act where the spot was presented, Milei addressed those who “had minimized and insulted us.” “We are here to fight because we are throughout the country. That night of the 2021 general elections we made the commitment to have a liberal ballot throughout the country to become a power again. They had minimized and insulted us. They told us that we have no structure. After that we were not going to be able to overcome the STEP, that we would lose with the blank vote and the left, and that we would fall facing the generals. Wow, we twisted his arm,” said the deputy.

And he added: “To those who said that we would fall after the elections and we would not cross the General Paz, look where we are now. Despite so many slander, today we are here more than a thousand references. Today we have a competitive structure and we are going to fight. If we are going to win, we will do it with our heads held high. We will do our best for it.”

Milei seeks prosecutors for the elections

In addition, he announced the launch of a website to bring together one hundred thousand prosecutors throughout the country. “The objective is to gather one hundred thousand prosecutors distributed throughout the country with the objective of the careful votes that liberalism obtains“They explained from Milei’s party through a statement.


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