Milito destroyed Holan due to the crisis in Independiente: “He did what he wanted, he made horrible decisions”

no doubt that gabriel milito is one of the last icons of independent in recent times. After the categorical victory of Argentine Juniors 5-1 bet Union for the date 11 of the professional leaguethe former defender of the Avellaneda club referred to the institutional situation and destroyed ariel holanDT who replaced him at the end of 2016.

There are those responsible and I know who they are, not only the CD but who managed it. That person who beats his chest saying that he is from Independiente and we all know who he is, what his behavior was after winning the South American Cup. I have it very clear. He let him do what he wanted and there is the responsibility of the leaders “, stated.

“Horrible decisions have been made from the economic and sporting point of view. There are those responsible, what happens is that we let ourselves be carried away by success and the momentary success covered everything that today is touching him to live independent”, he added.

“He was the one who managed the sports field at that time of the institution and who He didn’t know how to deal with the success of winning the Copa Sudamericana”he assured criticizing the excess money that was spent at the time when assuming commitments at a European level with the high salaries of the soccer players that were hired at the time.

“I am sorry for what is happening, but there are those responsible for it. The club has to go back to the basics, ”he concluded.