Moreno Ocampo spoke about Argentina, 1985: “What is seen in the film is verbatim what happened in the trial”

the movie Argentina, 1985 continues with his good streak since he was nominated for the Oscars 2023 in the category of best foreign film after having won the Golden Globe. Thus, it could be the third award that the country receives after those obtained by The Official Story and The Secret in Their Eyes.

In this context, the team Reprofile communicates with luis moreno ocampoformer Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and Deputy Prosecutor of the trial of the juntas, who spoke about the nomination of the Argentine film and about that dark period of national history.

“I was quite present in the campaign that Amazon did to show the film and be part of a series of questions and answers with the critics”, assured Moreno Ocampo. “We did a version of ‘Muchachos,’ the World Cup song, to celebrate the film’s nomination,” he added.

“They (the defendants) were much more scared than me,” recorded Moreno Ocampo

“I wasn’t scared at the time, they (the defendants) were much more scared than me”. “We had to seek the support of the people, we did not believe everything that had happened,” recalled the former prosecutor.

For Moreno Ocampo: “The film reflects the testimonies and the accusation, what is seen in the film is verbatim what happened. The only thing that is invented is the context around which what was happening at that time is portrayed”.

“At the time, I didn’t know what was going on. there was a lot of pressure from the military on the press and normal people were not aware of what was happening,” said Moreno Ocampo, who later completed: “In the eighties there was a lot of awareness of guerrilla violence and Triple A but not of military violence.”

“The military could not believethey were going through the worst nightmare because we repeated details of everything they had done”. “We were not going to allow death to walk loose in Argentina”conclusion.

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