Mouth: Agustín Rossi is a new Flamengo player

The novel about the situation of Augustine Rossi It finally arrived and the least expected by the xeneize leadership. Despite the intentions that Rossi, one of the most outstanding players of the season, renew his contract with the club, the Flamengo beat Boca and on Monday they built a pre-contract with the footballer.

flamenco and Agustín Rossi signed a pre-contract effective from July 1, 2023 to December 31, 2027,” the Rio de Janeiro team posted on Twitter. Although the 27-year-old goalkeeper has six months left on his contract with the Ribera team, Brazilian emissaries are optimistic about an arrangement with the xeneize leadership so that he can be released in the current transfer market.

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The twists and turns between Rossi and the Football Council headed by Juan roman riquelme they took all the looks. The club, of course, wanted to do the impossible for keep the goalkeeper of 27 that was a fundamental piece in the last successes of the xeneize.

Also with the passage of time, the former Chacarita and Lanús gained the trust and affection of the fans after having had a first passage through the club that was somewhat criticized. This way, rossi’s departure hurts a lot Mouth, not only for a football issue, but also economically.

With the signing of this pre-contract between Rossi and the Fla, the player has six months left on his contractuntil June 2023, but at the same time the player can use his authority to sign with another club six months before being released from action.

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Now what sows uncertainty in the Boca world is what will happen to Rossi then. remaining saber if the goalkeeper will be part of the squad until June 2023 and then disembark in the flamenco if the Rio de Janeiro team will speed up their departure in the current transfer market.

For this last denouement to take place, the Fla must disburse 300,000 dollars to take the player, a reality far removed from the goalkeeper’s termination clause (24 million euros clean, 18 for Boca). In this way, the problem for Boca is that if they do not agree to the negotiation with Flamengo to let the player go in this market, in June the club will not receive a single peso.

Added to this, since Mouth They understand that the goalkeeper, who is already known as a Flamengo footballer, will not be entirely focused on his tasks at the club and that would cause him to be excluded from the eleven. In addition, in the midst of the entire novel with Rossi, the Xeneize incorporated Sergio “Chiquito” Romero as his possible replacement.

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Now knowing that rossi He will leave the club in the course of these days or in June, everything would indicate that whoever is in charge of defending Boca’s three sticks is the former Racing.

In this way, despite the intentions of the leadership, Boca could not retain Rossi, one of the figures in recent times defending the three sticks. At 27 years old, after 150 games and six titles at the local levelRossi leaves for Flamengo, who had already intended to take over his services in 2022.

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Thus, Boca not only loses a goalkeeper to establish himself in the last half, but also lets go of a criminal specialist. It must be remembered that the former Defense and Justice player deflected 16 of the 56 penalties that were executed against him, stopping key shots from the twelve steps that won titles for the Ribera team.

Now it only remains to know when he will leave and who will replace him, having Romero as the strongest option regarding the competition with the young Leandro Brey.


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