Nadal’s tremendous statement after his elimination at the Australian Open: “Mentally destroyed”

In the second round of australian opentennis legend, Rafael Nadalwas eliminated from the first Grand Slam of the year against the American mcdonald who swept him in 3 straight sets and claimed to be “mentally destroyed“Faced with a new frustration.

“It’s frustrating and hard to take. I can’t say he’s not mentally destroyed. He’s been through it many times and it’s not easy“, the Spaniard declared crestfallen at a press conference before his early elimination.

“It hurt more when I withdrew in the Wimbledon semifinals, because I could win it. Here I was only in the second round. The glass fills up and there comes a time when the water can leak out,” he remarked.

Regarding your future, nadal He did not go around and in a full sincerity attack he declared: “I need to prevent the time off the track from being long. I’ve spent seven months almost without playing and I can’t be away for a long time again. It would be difficult to find the rhythm and be competitive again.”

“We cannot fool ourselves with an optimistic speech. I want to continue playing tennis, but my feelings are bad. It is very difficult to get in shape if you have continuous breaks“, concluded.