Nereo Champagne suffered a heart problem and will have to get away from football

The former goalkeeper of San Lorenzo, Nereo Champagne had to leave the preseason he did with Alvarado de Mar del Plata after he was diagnosed with subacute myocarditisan inflammation in the heart that can reduce the ability to pump blood.

“After the pre-competitive medical studies, the player presented subacute myocarditis. For this reason, You cannot perform high-intensity physical activities“, the Mar del Plata institution officially reported.

The goalkeeper, who will be 38 years old on January 20, was one of the most renowned reinforcements that had arrived in this transfer market to Alvarado and, after knowing the medical result, he immediately abandoned the preseason in Mar del Plata and He left for Buenos Aires, where he will continue his treatment and cardiological follow-up.

champagne He had signed a contract on December 17 to replace Pedro Fernándezthat he stopped the last three seasons and that he did not renew his contract to go to Atlanta.